Wednesday, October 28, 2015

365 Challenge - Weeks 40, 41, & 42

October has been a great month for us. We haven't done nearly as much fall stuff as we usually do, but that's ok with all of us. Last year I think we went to 5 different pumpkin patches or fall festivals. This year we kept it to just a couple. We were planning to move over Halloween weekend, but our closing has been pushed back a couple weeks, so that took off a little bit of timing pressure. Now as long as we don't get pushed back again, we'll be able to move before these babies keep me from moving at all.

Brooke and Harrison are still loving school, and as much as I wanted them to go three days a week, two days seems to be perfect. The only activity they have had going on over the past couple months has been dance class once a week. We had originally planned to do gymnastics and swim class at The Y, but their school schedule didn't work with the classes available. Me waiting until the last minute to get them registered may have also had something to do with it. Luck for them, we did manage to get registered for both swim and gymnastics for the next session. Classes start next week and run until the week of December 20th. Perfect timing to go along with the arrival of the new babies, who are scheduled to make an appearance just after Christmas. Harrison asks every morning when he wakes up if we are going to go somewhere, so keeping him busy is a must, unless I want to spend all of our time at Target. He alwyas wants to go and get new toys. Sorry buddy, but no.

I missed another day over the last few weeks. October 16th is missing a picture, and I honestly can't remember what we did that day. Maybe packing, because I do remember going to bed early after having lots of braxton hicks that evening. Anyway, here's 20 pictures for the last 3 weeks.




10.11.2015 - Nikon















10.27.2015 - Nikon

10.28.2015 - Nikon

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