Sunday, October 18, 2015

28 Weeks

How Far Along - 28 Weeks
Babies' Size - 2 Eggplants, around 14 inches and 2 pounds each
Total Weight Gain - 34 pounds total, up 3 pounds over the last two weeks
Gender - Still nameless baby boy and baby girl
Maternity Clothes - I only have a few shirts that still over the belly. Either I'm going to have a cold belly over the next 10 weeks, or I need to buy a few new shirts in a size or two up. I'm still holding strong with my one pair of beloved maternity jeans and non maternity leggings and yoga pants.
Cravings - Iced coffee, breakfast burritos, fruit, and carbs. At the grocery store this morning I decided I needed Pop Tarts, Toaster Strudel, and Pumpkin Krispy Kremes. Apparently there will be a lot of sweet breakfast food consumed in this house over the next week.
Symptoms - Heartburn and indigestion are in full force. One night this week I spent over an hour laying in bed convinced I was going to throw up because the indigestion was so bad. Lots of contractions and cramps, nothing consistent though. General uncomfortableness, but nothing terrible.
Miss Anything - Being able to keep up with the kids on walks. I have definitely slowed down quite a bit, so they are always 50 feet ahead of me, and I constantly have to tell them to stop and wait. They're so good at being patient with me even though I move slower than an 80 year old woman.
Stretch Marks - None have broken through the skin yet, but the red marks are very visible through my skin.
Looking Forward To - My appointment this week. I'm ready to get the glucose test over so I can forget about it and eat my ice cream with no worry for the next 10 weeks.

Best Moment This Week - Reaching the 3rd trimester! We're getting so close to the end. I can't wait to meet these little munchkins. Well maybe I can wait just a little bit longer so we can find names we like.
Purchases - I had been keeping my eyes open for a Jumperoo. It's one of the few things we don't have and I knew I didn't want to buy new. We happened to see one while driving past Salvation Army yesterday, so we stopped in and bought it. It looks brand new, and as a bonus score they had a brand new Crane humidifier we picked up. Less than $60 for both. Win!!

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  1. Ahh third trimester! How crazy and exciting!

    I was all about them carbs too. Still am. Oops. Your grocery store loot sounds fabulous though lol.

    I love baby names!! I always love hearing what other people choose and why. It's so fun!