Monday, November 16, 2015

32 Weeks

How Far Along - 32 Weeks 1 Day
Babies' Size - 2 large jicamas or squashes depending on which app or picture you consult. How either of those are bigger than the pineapple last week, I don't know. I do know that both babies are closing in on 4 pounds in the weight department, and they're just over 16 inches long.
Total Weight Gain - 42 pounds, up 2 pounds last week. My goal is 50 total, so we're going to be pretty close to that as long as I don't pack on a bunch of water weight.
Gender - One with a Y chromosome, and one without
Maternity Clothes - Can I just give up on pants? All of my pants, even my maternity jeans, are getting tight on the bottom of my belly. At home I proudly wear a maternity tees and boy short underwear around the house 90% of the time. Keeping it comfy but still PG. I do have a couple pairs of loose fitting sweats that make appearances for company or if I get cold.
Cravings - No real cravings this week. Last night we had the most amazing dinner. Creamy tortellini soup, fruit salad. and cucumber tomato salad. I love TWD nights and the food that comes along with them! I think I want to repeat that meal every day this week.
Symptoms - Mostly the general uncomfortableness that comes along with the end of pregnancy. My heartburn eased up last week, so yay to that. I still am not experiencing much swelling, unless you count my booty. ;) All things considered, I'm feeling pretty lucky as far as symptoms go right now. 

Sleep - Still lots of tossing and turning and hip pain throughout the night. I tried sleeping on the couch in a recliner for a couple hours last week. It was a big fail, but it did help relieve the hip pain enough I could go back to sleep for another hour in our bed before the kids woke up.
Miss Anything - Being able to get around easily. I'm slow, like really slow. Thankfully I have two very understanding kiddos.
Stretch Marks - No new ones this week. Definitely noticing a few white ones, maybe from postpartum with H and B. If I don't lube up the belly a couple times a day, they are definitely more noticeable.
Looking Forward To - Meeting these babies!! They'll be here in 6 weeks! Also moving! After being delayed for weeks, we find out today if we'll be moving this weekend or at the beginning of next week. I can't wait to get this situated for these babies to come home. We still haven't bought anything for them, we do already have most of it, so there will be a lot of Black Friday baby shopping going on, online of course. Car seats, rock n plays, double snap and go stroller, you get the idea. It's time to start getting ready!
Best Moment This Week - Getting the OK from my OB to enjoy an occasional treat and only have to test my blood sugar twice a day. All of my numbers have been really good. The dietary recommendations they gave me are basically in line with how I already eat, with the exception of no ice cream or sweets. Once I got the ok I picked up some Talenti Peppermint Bark and enjoy a little during the kids' nap time. 

Appointment Notes - We had our first NST at last week's appointment. Baby girl held still and we got a great reading on her. Little Man didn't want to cooperate, and we couldn't keep a reading on him for more than a minute or two at a time. We wound up getting a surprise ultrasound to make sure he looked ok. My insurance hasn't given us any issues about the number of ultrasounds we've had, so I think we'll be having ultrasounds every other week from here on out to make sure cord flow, fluids, and growth are looking good. My blood pressure was 122/80. Getting a little higher than my usual, but still looking ok. Honestly, I'm a little nervous about that number. I'm usually around 110/60. With H and B the numbers went up gradually each week until we hit 140/90 and got the dreaded preeclampsia diagnosis. I know there isn't anything I can do to prevent it, but I'd really like to not have blood pressure concerns during and after delivery.

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  1. You look great! I can't believe how close to the end you're getting! Yayyyyy!!! :)

    I'll be praying for you about the pre-e thing. That is no fun for anyone so I hope you can avoid that this go round.

    Also, I totally walked around in my underwear at the end of pregnancy this time too lol.