Thursday, December 3, 2015

We Moved

We have had a crazy last two weeks, but the good news is we're moved, and I'm still pregnant! Moving at 33 weeks pregnant was no joke, but we made it and are slowly getting settled into our new home.

We loved our old house, but it was never our house.  In 4 years there the only room I painted or art I hung on the wall was in Harriosn and Brooke's room.  It was a great rental and was the perfect transition for us from partying kids in our 20s to responsible, mostly, parents in our 30s. We loved the time we spent there, and will definitely miss the neighborhood and having the church and school as our primary neighboors.

I had been slowly packing a couple boxes each day, so when it came to crunch time, we mostly just had the kids room and kitchen left to pack. We closed on our new home on Monday the 23rd, moved on Tuesday, had cleaners come in and were fully out of our old house on Wednesday, and were ready for Thanksgiving on Thursday, Thankfully we weren't hosting. We did host Friendsgiving on Sunday, and our friends were all kind enough to ignore the boxes everywhere.

H and B's empty room

It was a whirlwind week and we're glad it's over. All of our moves have been in town, so we've always just rented a Uhaul, bought a case of beer and some pizza, and had family and friends help. Due to my current condition, and Rob's crazy work schedule, we decided to hire movers, and it was the best decision ever. They showed up at 8am, and were done by 3pm. It only cost around $700 and was so worth every penny. If you live in The Fort, I highly recommend Fairfield Movers.

Celebrating our move

We also hired a cleaning crew to do a move out clean, which was again worth every penny. Not having to worry about cleaning the fridge or scrubbing the floors after we were moved out was such a relief. If I weren't so pregnant we probably wouldn't have spent the money on that, but it was definitely worth it given our current situation. 

So now we're working on getting settled into our new house. The kids are loving it. Their room is bigger, they have a great walk in closet/library, and they have a basement playroom now. If we could just find Harrison's dang Lightning McQueen car, they'd be all set.

Nursery painting. Bye bye pumpkin baby poop brown.

Most of our boxes have been unpacked, the Christmas tree is up, and the nursery has been painted. We still have a lot to get done over the next 3 weeks, but I think we'll maybe be ready when it's time for these babies to show up. 

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