Sunday, December 20, 2015

37 Weeks

How Far Along - 37 Weeks!! Full Term!
Babies' Size -  Both babies were measuring 6lbs7oz at our ultrasound on Friday. 
Total Weight Gain - This week has been another up and down week in the weight department thanks to swelling. This morning I was up 52, and I think that's pretty accurate. 
Gender - Boy and Girl!
Names - I think we know what their names will be, but I'm not feeling a big connection between the babies and their names. It will definitely be a post birth decision.  
Maternity Clothes - I'm glad I only have a week left, because even my maternity clothes are barely covering this belly.  
Cravings - Soup! It hasn't even been that cold here, but I'm all about soup. Chick Fil A's chicken tortilla is one of my faves right now. I also had a sushi craving this week, which was satisfied immediately. It will be nice when I have more than just a couple safe sushi options to choose from.  
Symptoms - Lots of swelling, pressure, round ligament pain, Braxton Hicks, and heartburn. The heartburn has been a real bitch this week. It doesn't matter what I eat, when I eat, or how much I eat, the heartburn is there. Pass the Tums and Zantac please!
Sleep - Still lots of tossing and turning, but I'm thankfully getting a decent amount of rest. I had one night that required a couple hours of upright sleeping, which I'm not a fan of. Although, I'm also not a fan of side sleeping. I can't wait to get back to sleeping on my stomach and back. 
Miss Anything - Energy. I am thankfully still feeling really good in the morning, but by lunchtime I'm pretty well spent. Thank goodness for kids that still nap. 
Stretch Marks - No new ones, but I definitely have them. 
Looking Forward To - Christmas! All of our shopping is done, presents are wrapped, and now we wait. I am so excited to have this last big holiday with Harrison and Brooke before the babies arrive. As excited as I am to meet the babies, I'm enjoying every last minute I can with my first babies. 
Best Moment This Week - Getting to enjoy a movie date with Rob today. Movie dates when I'm about to pop seem to be our thing. With H and B we went to see The Avengers a week and a half before they were born. Today it was Star Wars. I miraculously made it through the whole movie without needing a bathroom break. Impressive, I know. ;) Also, making it to 37 weeks is HUGE! 

Appointment Notes - All looked good on our ultrasound. There was a little confusion over fluid levels that had us freaked out until my OB talked to the u/s tech to clarify. We have another ultrasound tomorrow to make sure all looks good to hold out to the 28th. Mostly they'll just be checking fluid levels and positioning. I won't be seeing my OB tomorrow, and when I left my Friday appointment, she said I'll see you on the 28th. It's great to know she feels as confident as I do that we'll make it to our scheduled section. 

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