Monday, December 14, 2015

36 Weeks

How Far Along - 36 Weeks 1 Day
Babies' Size - I'm guessing their size is right around 6 pounds. This week we will have a full ultrasound with measurements and a biophysical profile. I'm excited to see how they're measuring. 
Total Weight Gain - I was still at 49 pounds on Saturday. Sunday I was up 2, and today I was up another 2. Water weight? So somewhere between 49 and 53. Il be watching to see if it levels off or stays at 53.  
Gender - Boy and Girl!
Maternity Clothes - Still rotating the last few items in my closet that actually fit. Sweats, yoga pants, maternity jeans, and maternity shirts.
Cravings - None. I've been eating to eat, and not really because anything sounds great. We did have Chinese food from one of our favorite restaurants last night, and it did hit the spot. I 
Symptoms - Swelling is new just within the last 24-48 hours. The bones in my feet and my ankles are almost nonexistent. I'm really hoping that it's just the result of a busy weekend and that it will minimize a little bit.
Sleep - The cold that plagued me last week is gone, so sleep has been a little bit better. Tyson has been driving me freaking crazy at night. He is having a hard time adjusting to sleep in the new house, and I know me changing positions every hour or two doesn't help. Overall I can't complain though. I did have one night where I moved down to the couch because my hips were so sore, but otherwise I've been making it from 11-7 most nights without too many issues.
Miss Anything - Being able to keep a clean house. I know that's kind of a trivial thing, but not feeling up to house work is kind of driving me batty. The energy I do have is devoted to the kids, getting things ready for babies, and all things holiday. Cleaning has taken a back seat and I'm looking forward to having energy to clean again. Until then, I'll keep the house habitable, and the mop can take a back seat.
Stretch Marks - Yep! They're still less noticeable if my belly is fully moisturized, but there's no denying they're there.
Purchases - A few things for me. A robe and new slippers to pack in my hospital bag, which I still haven't packed. I know I need to, but I feel like as soon as I do it's a sign to the universe that I'm ready for the babies to show up.
Looking Forward To - This is Brooke and Harrison's last week of school and classes. I am excited to have a few mornings where we don't have to rush out the door, and we can meander around the house all morning. I'm sure we'll still get out and do things next week, even if it's just a quick Starbucks run, but it will be nice to have a week where our schedule isn't so busy.
Best Moment This Week - Making it through another week! At this point every day is a blessing. This pregnancy has been so different than with H and B. I'm convinced staying active is the difference. By this time last pregnancy, I was miserable, swollen, uncomfortable, and just plain over it. I was hoping every day would be the day I went into labor, and this go round, I'm hoping I don't. 

Appointment Notes - BP was 122/78. Still nice and low, and I'm beyond happy about that. We had another NST this week, and little man actually cooperated. Both babies had quite a few rises and falls in their heart rate which is what they like to see. Normal fluctuation and some movement. Our next two, last two, appointments are both ultrasound appointments, so this NST was our last. 

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