Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Typical Tuesday

I haven't done a day in the life post in ages. The last one was almost 2 years ago, before H and B started school, when I was just barely pregnant with Scarlett and Clark, when we still lived in our old house. With only 3 remaining days of preschool for my two big kids, I decided I needed to document what our current state of crazy looks like. This was our day on Tuesday, 5.2.2017

6:47 Scarlett starts banging on the wall signaling me to get up. I have them stay in bed until 7 regardless of what time they wake, so I take a few minutes to wake up and check my emails.

7:03 Usually both babies are awake, but this morning it's just Scarlett. She and I head downstairs for a little one on one time. It's short lived because Brooke is up at 7:10. Harrison comes strolling out of his room at 7:25 and I hear Clark on the monitor 10 minutes later. 

8:00 Breakfast time. Berries, bananas, frozen waffles, cereal. School mornings are always a quick and easy breakfast. While the kids eat, I make myself an iced coffee, steal a couple hand fulls of berries, and make Harrison and Brooke's lunches. This time is also when I empty the dishwasher, or load it if I was too tired to handle the dishes the night before.

8:30 The hustle to get us all dressed and out the door begins. I have to remind Harrison every 5 minutes to stay on task otherwise we will not make it to school on time. On school mornings my version of getting ready involves washing my face, brushing my teeth, throwing my hair in a messy bun, jeans, t-shirt, open cardigan, and chucks. 5 minutes for me and 25 for the 4 littles.

9:05 I always try to get us out the door at 9am, but it's always 9:05. 

9:20 Harrison and Brooke have been dropped off at school. Scarlett, Clark, and I run a few errands. Target, grocery, bank, and a salsa run. I didn't have a chance to eat breakfast, so we grab a couple breakfast sandwiches and an iced coffee while we're at the grocery store.

11:15 We are done with errands and as much as I try to keep the babies awake on the ride home, Scarlett falls asleep for the last 5 minutes of our drive.

12:00 The babies eat lunch while I put away groceries and clean up from breakfast.

12:22 Milk and nap time. They usually fall asleep while nursing, but that's not the case today. They are finally both asleep by 1pm.

1:12 I sit down to eat lunch, answer emails, and work on the computer.

2:10 The babies are still sleeping so I grab a quick shower.

3:00 I wake the babies up from their nap and we go pick up Harrison and Brooke.

3:20 The kids snack on raisins and Snap Pea Crisps, and then we head to the basement to play and straighten up. Lately we've been spending our afternoon's outside, but it was windy and cold on Tuesday.

4:35 I walk upstairs just in time to see the dog vomit on the floor. Thank goodness for a carpet cleaner. Once I handle that mess, I start getting dinner ready.

4:54 Dinner is in the oven, so the babies and I have a dance party while we wait for it to bake. Enchiladas and cilantro lime rice are on the menu this evening.

5:37 Harrison starts eating salsa by the spoonful while I get everyone served. This kid is my spirit animal #givemeallthesalsa

6:21 Bath time for all 4 kids. Bubbles, splashing, and squealing, and a few tears ensue.

7:01 Rob gets home from work just in time to be greeted by 2 naked babies running through the halls. We tag team getting all of the kids ready for bed. Most nights I am on my own, so having Rob home tonight is a real treat.

7:30 Story time with all the kids in our room before the babies go to bed and Harrison and Brooke get big kid stories in their room.

7:54 Clark is having a hard time falling asleep, so I bring him in our room for some Motrin and snuggles. His teeth have been bothering him a lot lately. We snuggle for a while, but's it's still too light in our room for him to fall asleep in our bed.

8:21 I take Clark back to his room and lay him down. He screams at me for a minute or two, but is quickly to sleep. Rob already has Harrison and Brooke in bed with lights out.

8:54 We straighten up the kitchen and pick up anything the kids left laying on the floor. Then we sit down to watch a couple episodes of Schitts Creek.

10:04 Rob heads to the gym and I work on this blog post. I'll let the dogs out and go to bed close to 11.

I planned to end this post here, but Clark had other plans.

11:23 I finally head upstairs to go to bed.

12:15 Clark wakes up screaming and doesn't settle back down. Rob spends 30 minutes trying to get him settled down. He won't go back to sleep. We bring Clark into our bed. Then back to his bed. Then we rock him. Then we trying letting him cry. Then back to our room again.

2:15 Clark still isn't asleep but he finally lets me lay him down without protest. He and I are both finally back to sleep by 2:30.

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  1. I was going to say I loved absolutely everything about your day until I got to the 2:30 am fiasco. Oof!