Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Harry Potter Baby Shower

One of my favorite couples is expecting their first baby together this summer. Carolyn used to work for me way back when. Before I was pregnant with Harrison and Brooke and when her daughter was just a few months old (I've known her fiance for even longer). Our work relationship grew into a wonderful friendship and our older kids are BFFS, Between work, kids, and everything in between we've been through a lot together. She was in the army when she was pregnant with her daughter and as you can imagine, being stationed overseas doesn't exactly allow time for a baby shower, so she never got one. This time around it was a definite must for her and her little man to be showered. Never one to shy away from the chance to throw a themed party, I jumped at the chance to host.

Their nursery is Harry Potter themed which gave us the perfect theme for the shower, but I literally know nothing about Harry Potter. There's magic, they play quidditch, and Emma Watson and stuff, yeah. That's about as far as my knowledge goes. Thank goodness for Pinterest. Rob was on my case for the weeks leading up to the shower trying to get me to watch the movies or ready the books (we own all of them). I promised him I would read the books with Harrison and Brooke in a couple years when they are old enough.

The weeks before the shower were spent making floating candles, scouring Etsy for all things HP, making a diaper cake (which H and B though was hilarious), and trying to keep the shower a secret. We pulled off the surprise, she cried because she cries about everything, and almost all of the decor was able to be used in the nursery.



Wooden Teething Blocks / Chocolate Frogs / Cupcakes / Initial Letters - Handmade

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh. This is fantastic. Absolutely love it!