Thursday, June 29, 2017

Scarlett and Clark - 18 Months

We don't celebrate half birthdays, although with Christmastime birthdays maybe we should, but we are super excited to have 2 one and a half year olds. We did take everyone out for a little nature walk, also known as an excuse to take obscene amounts of pictures, and stopped at a park on the way home. We probably would have taken them out for ice cream too, but the two adults in our house are in the middle of a Whole 30. (I want ice cream!)

This is my favorite age. Now until about two and a half or three. They are learning so much every day and their little personalities are shining through. Scarlett is saying new words all the time. You can see Clark's little brain working as he figures something out. It is so much fun to witness them grow. I totally missed their 17 month post, so a lot has changed since the last update. Also, this post will be a bit picture heavy. You've been warned. They are done nursing, listening better, had their first experience being away from us, are interested in screen time. I look back at their 16 month update, and they seem like totally different kids. They have developed a definite fondness for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and playing games on my phone. Even with screen time, they still prefer sitting on our laps to read books. Current favorites are Little Green Peas, Happy Hippo, Angry Duck, Some Bugs, Silly Sally, Pajama Time, My First Colors. They are starting to grasp the concept of puzzles, other than as things to chew on, and love anything that makes noise or they can push around.

Sleep and eating have remained mostly unchanged. They still take an afternoon nap at 1pm and go to bed close to 8pm. We have been letting them have a few later nights, an extra 30 or 45 minutes, and they seem to be ok with that. They eat 5 times per day and can frequently be found rummaging through the pantry looking for more snacks. They usually come out with raisins, pretzels, crackers, or Simply Balanced fruit snacks, but sometimes they come bearing candy or marshmallows. (Thanks H and B for leaving your candy on the bottom shelf) They drink milk a couple times per day and are constantly drinking water, usually from my cup that they snatched off the table.


  • says mom, dad, dog, Jules, Tyson, done, milk, Harrison, mouse, hot, banana, yes, snack, outside, no, this, no, this, no, this, no, this
  • makes cow, dog, cat, and pig noises
  • hates going to bed. Sleeps great once she's down, but screams for 2 minutes every time we leave their room
  • favorite food is avocado or whatever we're eating
  • has 12 teeth
  • is wearing mostly 18-24 month clothes with some 2T mixed in
  • is wearing size 5 shoes
  • will scream when she's excited about something or doesn't get her way
  • loves playing outside
  • loves the pool but hates floating
  • will bring us a diaper and wipes when it's time for a change
  • loves stories and insists on sitting in the middle of our laps 
  • wants to do whatever her big brother and sister are doing
  • thinks it's funny to ignore us and do whatever she wants, like run towards the street


  • says mom, dad, yes, milk, done, fight
  • makes cow, pig, and dog sounds
  • is wearing size 7 shoes
  • wears mostly 18-24 month clothes with some 2T mixed in
  • has 12 teeth
  • favorite food is cheese
  • is a daddy's boy
  • gives the cutest little smirks and sideways glances. He loves playing coy
  • is OBSESSED with Elmo. He is always carrying around Peekaboo Elmo, usually with one of Elmo's feet in his mouth
  • also loves his stuffed penguins and carrying them around in his mouth
  • loves floating in his Puddle Jumper and get's upset if you try to help support him
  • loves swinging
  • is very content to play on his own for long periods of time
  • doesn't get upset very often, but when he does it's usually because Scarlett stole whatever toy he was playing with. All hell almost broke loose over a Minnie shopping cart last week
  • can often be found carrying around light up blocks. Harrison and Brooke got them for their birthday, but Clark plays with them constantly
  • loves to hold hands and have us guide him around
  • hates loud noises and has developed a fondness for wearing earmuffs around the house

Scarlett and Clark could not be more different, and I absolutely love that about them. They each shine in different ways, and it makes my heart so happy. They truly make life better, and I am so blessed to be their mama. Happy 18 months, Scarlett and Clark! I am so excited to see you grow into little people, and I'm lucky to be able to help you along the way.

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