Friday, June 23, 2017

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

This morning we woke up to the perfect morning thunderstorm. Not too much thunder, and a perfect steady rain. All of the kids slept in a little bit, and Brooke slept until almost 9. That's unheard of in our house. While I was cleaning up breakfast I heard the big kids shouting about a rainbow. Sure enough there was a gorgeous rainbow I decided to grab my phone and camera because I loved the look of the rainbow over the wheat fields. Next thing I know, all 4 kids are outside with me and charging toward the street. Rainbow party!

They all wanted to splash in the puddles, so I let them. Because shoes dry, and why the heck not? Then Scarlett insisted on walking down the street and would screech anytime Brooke tried to turn her around. Well, ok then. I guess we're going for a walk. 1 Supergirl, 2 babies in diapers, 1 mom wearing pj pants, flip flops, and a tank top(sans bra), and 1 Harrison, the only one of us who was actually dressed for the day. Walking around the neighborhood without a bra, with two babies in diapers and tennis shoes wasn't how I planned to start my day, but cool. They were down for it, so I had to be, and I had my camera to document it all.

Our little outing wasn't anything special, but it was what they wanted to do. Instead of making them all come back inside and get appropriately dressed, we just rolled with it and everyone had a great time. It was a nice reminder that they don't need much to keep them happy, not even clothes.

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