Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summah, Summah, Summahtime

It’s the first official day of summer, which means my favorite season has arrived! Summer has always been my favorite, and I love it even more now that I have kids. Although if we’re being honest, I love all the seasons more now that I have kids. Lake season, pool season, fresh fruit season. What is there not to love? There is so much that we missed out on last year because the babies weren’t the best at outdoor activities, so this year we want to do it all. Spend more time outdoors, in the water, at the zoo. This is the first year that our summer will be cut short by the start of school too, so we have even less time to fit in our fun. I made a summer bucket list, and I hope to cross off all the items before Harrison and Brooke start school on August 16th.

I also thought I’d share my summer playlist, because music makes everything better. My music tastes are all over the place, so my playlist is all over the place too. A little old, a little new, and a slew of classic summer songs that always put me in a good mood. I am going to apologize now that LFO “Summer Girls” is on my playlist, because the song is terrible. It holds some very fond memories for me and my bestie though, so it will live on in all my future summer playlists.

 Do you have a summer bucket list or playlist? What are you must dos or can’t live without songs?

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