Monday, June 3, 2013

Arrested Development

For those of you that don't know, Netflix released a fourth season of Arrested Development last week.  I did not watch the show while it was in the air, but after much urging from a few good friends, Rob and I decided to watch it.  

The week that Rob was home on paternity leave was spent snuggling babies and watching Arrested Development.  We were addicted after just a few episodes and wound up finishing all three seasons that week.  

When the release date for the fourth season was finally announced we began counting down the days. Unfortunately they released the new episodes Memorial Day weekend and we already had lake plans.  We decided the weekend after, yesterday, would be our viewing party. We hoped to watch all of the new season in one day, however we didn't plan for longer episodes, 37ish minutes instead of 23, and there were 16 episodes and we were expecting 13.  No complaints here, we just weren't able to finish it all in one day.  More AD for a later date, yay!!

We started the morning with Skip's Scramble and and a mimosa bar, because booze with breakfast is how Lucille would want it. Unlike Lucille, we need more than vodka and toast. 


Our mimosa bar also had vodka. Because, well, you have to use it or else it will go bad. 

We knocked out a few episodes while the kids napped and then they joined us for an episode or two.  They don't get to watch TV often, so they're usually transfixed when the TV is on.

We had cornballs, and corn muffins, for a snack.  We did not use a Cornballer and no one had to go to the emergency room during the making of these.  

We had Buster's Juice Box to drink with our cornballs, and let me tell you what, this stuff is dangerous.  It's pretty much a berry sangria with vodka, so it will get you messed up before you know what happened.  

Since I didn't want to be taken away from our viewing session long enough to make dinner, we just ordered pizza.  We of course had candy beans for snacking and no AD party would be complete without chocolate bananas.  

I dipped some of the bananas in chopped pistachios and some in coconut.  There's always money in the banana stand. 

I made two half size bananas for the kids. Brooke liked it but only for a couple minutes.  Harrison loved it and cried when you would try to take it away. 

He was very upset when his chocolate came off his banana.  

We made it through 10 episodes today and I can't wait to watch the last 6.  There's already talk of Netflix doing a season 5. Yes please! Hopefully it won't be for British eyes only.

Happy viewing everyone!

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