Monday, June 17, 2013

One Year Check Up

Friday was the kids' one year check up. We really like our pediatrician, and especially like his nurse. Our trips to the doctor are always good, until there are shots involved.  We do an alternate vax schedule, so we wind up going to their doctor's office a lot. 

Harrison weighed in at 22lbs 12oz and measured 31 1/2 inches long.  Brooke is 30 1/2 inches long and 22lbs 7oz. It's crazy to me how close they've stayed in both weight and height as they've grown.

There have been quite a few changes and developments with both kids over the past month. Harrison finally got his eighth tooth after months of back and forth with it. He is also now walking all the time. He's still a little wobbly on his feet, but he is getting steadier every day. 

Brooke's hair is starting to grow like weeds. It's coming in really light, almost blonde. There's almost enough to wear hair clips! She has started biting, me, her dad, her brother, when she's scared or angry. Obviously something we want to stop, so we are going to start implementing time outs. 

They are both starting be be stingy with their toys, so we are working on sharing. Separation anxiety is at an all time high right now too. This age is a lot of fun, but we are definitely experiencing our first real trials. 

Over the last couple weeks it started to become evident that the kids' current nap schedule wasn't quite right. It was taking Harrison an hour to fall asleep at nap time, they would often only nap for 45 minutes and then wake up angry, some days they would refuse their second nap. I thought maybe it was the start of transitioning down to one nap. It turns out that we just needed a later bedtime. Once bedtime was moved back an hour, naps fell inline and we're back to 11-12 hours of night sleep and two 60-90 minute naps each day.  

They are both thankfully still eating really well. We haven't hit the picky phase yet.  We've starting incorporating local honey into their diet to hopefully help with Harrison's allergies. Peanut butter and honey sandwiches have become a new favorite. Fresh fruit, especially blueberries, and homemade mac and cheese are on their list of favorites too.  

We are definitely enjoying the start of summer. The pool, park and zoo are definitely keeping us busy. I am loving every day that I get to spend with my sweet little munchkins. I had someone at the pool today tell me that I was blessed, I actually have a lot of people tell me that, and I couldn't agree more. I'm so lucky that these little guys call me mommy.  

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