Sunday, January 12, 2014

Maybe Baby?

Last month we went to see our favorite doctor, Dr. Bopp, to talk about baby #3. A lot of people think since we have a boy and a girl, one pregnancy and we're done. Rob and I both feel that our family isn't yet complete, so we're praying we'll be able to expand our family. We have three frozen embryos from the IVF cycle we did to conceive H and B, and we plan use them.

I went back and forth on whether I would blog about the process as we go through it, or just do a summary after. I know that it was helpful for me to connect with other women who were going through the same things I was before, during and after our IVF cycle. I love the Inspire boards for connecting with women cycling at the same time as you, and I also found great reassurance reading the blogs of women who were experiencing the same things. 

I've always been open about our journey and that it wasn't easy to get where we are. As much as I wish adding to our family was as easy as a few drinks and a fun night in bed, it isn't and never will be. And I'm ok with that. When I look at Brooke and Harrison, I know things happen for a reason. We were meant to have them when we did, and not a moment sooner. Sharing our journey as we try for #3 seems like the right thing to do. If sharing helps even one person know that they're aren't alone in what they're going through, then it's worth it.  

After talking to our baby doctor last month, we decided we would try a single embryo transfer. I have one procedure I have to have done first, a SIS or saline sonogram, and I get to spend my morning tomorrow doing it. If all goes well during the sonogram, we'll start ordering drugs and preparing for a sFET, single frozen embryo transfer.  

At somewhere between $4000-$5000, all out of pocket, for a single attempt at a FET, we're praying the first attempt takes. Any extra prayers are greatly appreciated. I plan to share, but hopefully not over share during the process. If you have any questions please feel free to comment or email me, and I will answer as thoroughly and honestly as possible. A quick summary of our IVF cycle is available here.

On a lighter note, I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  We're looking forward to some more football this afternoon and hopefully watching the Broncos win.  Happy Sunday!

Drinking milk in their toy bin. You know, the usual.


  1. Awh. My darling. Words can not express how my heart goes out to you and your dear husband. We will be sending daily prayers for you to endure your journey. God bless you and be with you. Xoxoxo.

  2. JT says the photo reminds him of the twins in the movie the Great Outdoors. They do everything together.

    1. Hopefully they don't lead me to a bear in a mine.

  3. Prayers and good thoughts going your way!! BTW- Emmalin just saw the pic above and said, "Awww! Two babies! They're drinking milk out of their sippies! I love them!" She's 3 yrs old and has a love for babies (including her sister). :-)

  4. This is so exciting! I will absolutely be praying for all of you--even more fun times ahead!