Monday, January 6, 2014

Introducing, Jules

We have always been a multiple dog household, at one point we had 4. When Layla passed we went back and forth on if we should add another dog to our family. Rob was all about it, and I was very much content having just Tyson.  

A month or so after Layla passed it became very obvious that Tyson needed a friend. We contacted a breeder, talked to our local shelter and started looking on Petfinder. A few weeks into our search we found "Lucy." She was being fostered by one of our local rescue groups.  She's an 8 month old, although I think maybe a bit older, brindle boxer girl and as sweet as can be.  

Meeting her at the pet store before her adoption. 

We decided on Jules for her name, too many Lucys at daycare. She was in love with Tyson from the start, and he tolerated her but was not a fan.  We had a few scuffles, but they are getting along really well after a couple weeks. 

She has been great with the kids from day one.  They can play in her crate, take her bones and toys and crawl all over her.  She doesn't care, she just insists that in return they tolerate her constants licks to the face. 

She loves to snuggle and is in constant need of contact. She walks well on her leash when it's just the two of us, but goes crazy when Tyson and the kids are with us. On more than one occasion I have caught her standing on the kitchen table. She is super fast and loves to tear around the back yard. From what her foster parents said, and what we've seen, she doesn't seem to be a runner which is great, because Tyson isn't either, yay for off leash play. She has gone to daycare a few times already and is doing well, but she does get a little too over excited. She has already learned her name, the hand signal for sit, and almost has down perfected.

Harrison and Brooke can both already say her name, although it comes out missing a consonant or two. "Ju" as they call her, is a perfect addition to our family. I am so glad we decided to get another dog, and glad we adopted an older puppy. Welcome JuJu Bee, we love you already!

She sleeps like this all the time!

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