Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

Today I am linking up with some great ladies to talk about resolutions, goals, and making 2014 count.

What is something you want to change, or a goal you want to set for the New Year & what is your plan for making it happen?

My goal is part of a two year plan. In 2015 we would like to buy a house. We'd like to buy a house that will be the home our family will grow in and where Rob and I will grow old. We'd also like not have to pay PMI, which means it's time to really start saving for that down payment. 2014 needs to be the year of saving.

It's no secret that I like to shop. It used to be for shoes and purses. Now it's for every cute thing that Brooke and Harrison have to have. I want to only buy the things they need and not the things I buy just because they're cute. Brooke doesn't need 20 summer dresses like she had last year, and she doesn't need more headbands, and I don't have to buy Harrison that cute sweater that coordinates with Brooke's dress, he already has more than enough. It may be time to limit the purchase to once a season instead of once a month.

I also need to get finances in order for the daycare. I used to be really good about entering in every purchase right after it was made. Now I have shoe boxes full of receipts and bank statements all piled up. I pushed all of the accounting b/s to the back burner when the kids were born, but I need to get it taken care of this year, and before April 15th.

Aside from curbing spending habits, I have a few smaller resolutions to share.
  • Cut back on the caffeine. 3 cups of coffee in the am used to be essential for survival. Now that I can get enough sleep at night, I want to cut it back to 1 cup in the am and only an occasional afternoon pick me up.
  • Put down my iPhone. Maybe even just leave it in the other room. Too often I'm checking Instagram or Facebook when I should be watching Brooke do a puzzle or laughing at Harrison while he plays with Tyson. I really want to make every second with them count, and that means the love affair with my phone will have to wait until nap time.
  • Cook dinner more often. Some weeks I'm really good and I make dinner 4 times and other weeks the kids and I snack for dinner or pick something up on our way home almost every night. I want to get a homemade dinner on the table 4 nights a week and have leftovers or carryout the other nights.
To join the link up, head to any of the blogs listed below and follow the instructions.

Tell me, what are your resolutions for the new year? How do you plan to make it count?


  1. I love your goals. I can totally relate to the making more homemade meals. I've started doing freezer meals on Sunday so the rest of the week is a little easier.

  2. Love your twin's names! Mine are the oldest in the house now (10) but it's fun to see new twin moms :)

    1. Thanks! Having twins is great. Twice the work, but twice the fun!

  3. Unplugging is the best! I made a promise to never use my phone at bedtime with Téa and never at the table. I do of course take endless pictures while she eats but that doesn't count I am grabbing memories and black mail for later :) Good luck!!!

    1. Thanks! I'm not doing as good at this as I should be. Time to really commit.