Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snowed In

We are on day 4 of being snowed in thanks to our good friend Hercules. I had to drive to and from the daycare while the city was in a state of emergency. The roads progressively got worse, not better. Technically we could get out, but the roads are a sheet of ice and I have no desire to put the kids in the van and drive on it. So here we are, day 4, stuck at home. 

When all the snow was falling on Sunday it was warm enough to get out and enjoy it. Enjoy it, we did. Brooke didn't like touching the snow, but she liked being outside and playing. Harry loved everything about it. 

The dogs loved it too.  

Harry watching football in a big boy chair drinking out of Daddy's cup. 

The temperature started dropping Sunday night, and by that evening it was so cold the dogs refused to be outside for more than 30 seconds.  So we've been inside since then.  We read lots of books. Our new favorites are the full versions of Go Dog Go and Hop On Pop as well as Put Me In The Zoo and 10 Apple Up On Top.  

We've done lots of puzzles, played with Legos, even watched a little Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We've taken full advantage of the Wonder Wows from grandma and all the coloring supplies from Santa. New toys and games have been a lifesaver.   

Our favorite new activity is our Roll & Play game by Thinkfun. It's a soft cube you roll, and each color corresponds to different cards with actions on them.

Some of the actions include: Give 1 hug, quack like a duck, pinch your nose, find something red, make a surprised face (aka the Macaulay Culkin). The kids love it and I do too.  It keeps them entertained for a good 30 minutes. 

Brooke giving Harrison a hug.  

Now that we're past the -45* windchill
and back to positive temps, the roads should be clearing up today. I'm hoping we'll get out this afternoon and if not, definitely tomorrow. Meijer is calling our name. If we don't get out today, I may have to pull out some Pinterest magic and make rainbow spaghetti noodles or glitter goo. We're all getting cabin fever and need a change of scenery. I'm glad the polar vortex is on it's way out. Maybe spring will come in its place.  

Tell me, how do you handle cabin fever?

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