Thursday, February 13, 2014

Classes at the Y

Last week I shared a little video of Brooke jumping on the trampoline at tumbling class. When the video was taken they were just starting to get comfortable with class, and now they are all about it. So much so, that we'll be signing them up for the next session. The class is only $21 per kid and meets once a week for 7 weeks. Totally worth the minimal cost. The classes are at the Y, and even if you don't have a membership, the classes are worth looking into.

The class we participate in is a parent child class. It isn't super structured which is great, because the kids can do what they're comfortable with. Usually that means jumping on the trampoline. Each week there's different equipment out, and both H and B have taken full advantage of all of it. Balance beams, tunnels, climbing blocks, rolling mats, uneven bars, and a few things I know I'm forgetting. They like putting their hands on the uneven bars, but they aren't ready to try hanging from them yet. I actually think that's a good thing, as there's no way I want them asking to do the monkey bars at the park. I might cry when they're big enough to start doing those. (Excuse the crappy iPhone pics that follow)

This is some video taken over a couple different classes.  As you can see Brooke has gotten progressively better each week at jumping on the trampoline. She even likes to "practice" on the couch at home.

The kids have also been taking swim class and will be finishing their last class of the session next week. We've enjoyed this class more than previous classes, but I don't think they are getting anything more from swim class than they would from a weekly trip to open swim. They are getting better at kicking and blowing bubbles, but are mostly just interested in singing "Wheels on the Bus" and playing with the water toys. We'll probably be waiting another year before doing anymore classes, but we'll still be hitting up the indoor pool on a regular basis. These kids need to be lake ready!

One great thing about the YMCA by us, and maybe all YMCAs have this, is the jungle gym/play ground area they have indoors. After every class the kids can climb, slide, and run around until their exhausted. They've recently discovered the drinking fountain, so it's been slide, then drink, then slide, then drink and so on.  You get the picture.

What great classes are there in your area for kids? Any classes we should be participating in that are here in The Fort? These classes have been perfect at helping with cabin fever. I can't wait for all of this snow to melt. Warm temperatures are in the forcast. Bring it on!!

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