Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I am spending the afternoon at work which means that I tried to fit in as much V-Day fun in before nap time as was possible. Get ready for picture overload!

Last night I put together the kids' Valentine's goodies and filled their chair backers. They got a sticker and coloring activity book, crayons, necklaces, a rubber duck, dinosaurs, heart links and extra stickers for their activity books. We do two of everything when it comes to holiday goodies, so they both get the exact same things.

Harrison went straight for the crayons and activity book and Brooke was all about the necklaces and heart links.

While they were busy enjoying their new loot, I got to making breakfast. If you follow me on Instagram (justjm03) then you have already seen my love for heart shaped foods. We did heart shaped french toast this morning and loaded it full of deliciousness. Between the layers were mascarpone cheese, Nutella and raspberries. After presenting them with their festive breakfast, I cut it up and they went to town. They love Nutella. Of course, who doesn't love Nutella?

After breakfast we played some more and watched Minirella and the new episode of Sophia. The kids had their smoothies later than usual this morning. Vanilla, pineapple, blueberry, spinach smoothies were on the menu today. Thanks to Target for the heart straws. They worked perfectly with their Tommy Tippie Take and Toss cups.

Before lunch they played with homemade play-doh. we started out with heart shaped cookie cutters, but they decided they needed all the cookie cutters. It may be time to invest in a roller and cutter set specifically for them. For lunch is was raspberry, cream cheese and honey sandwiches along with bananas and strawberry cremes.

Grandma arrived after lunch with a few little presents and cards for H and B. I made the mistake of trying to get them dressed and do a mini photo shoot on the Lovesac. They were not having it. They refused to look at the camera and Brooke threw a fit. I did manage to get two almost acceptable pictures. Maybe I'll have better luck after work. Lesson to be learned - Don't wait until right before nap time to try and get your kids to sit for photos.

We don't have anything special planned for tonight. Red beans and rice is in the crockpot for dinner. Maybe a movie and a bottle of wine after the twinkies hit the sack. I hope everyone is having a great Valentine's Day and enjoying time with the people, and pets, that you love.

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