Thursday, February 6, 2014

Random Ramblings

This last week has seemed crazy busy. Even though I am only working three afternoons a week, it really changes the way our lives work on a daily basis. I am seriously in awe of all you full time working moms. I don't know how you get it all done. Accomplishing work, grocery shopping, the kids' classes, and if I'm lucky a few work outs through the week all around naps and bedtime is quite the feat. No more pushing off grocery shopping until the next day if someone is in a mood. Yes, I was totally that mom with the toddler who screamed for 20 minutes while we finished grocery shopping last week.

Since my blog has been severely neglected for the past week, we're going to play catch up on a few things in one post.

The kids started swim and tumbling classes in January. We're three classes in now, and I think we're finally hitting our stride. The first week of tumbling class Harrison threw a fit half way through class and refused to participate. Brooke has been less than thrilled about swim class up until this week's class. She does fine and then as soon as we work on back floats, she looses her shit. One week she wouldn't stop crying so she and I had to sit out for the fun portion of class. No "Wheels on the Bus" or alligator jumps for B.

We have decided to wait one more month before starting our FET cycle. It makes more sense timing wise and financially to wait until March. I am the matron of honor in my brother's wedding which is in August. They live in Seattle which means almost an entire day of travel. Pair that with having to be in the wedding and "vacationing" with two two year olds. It makes more sense to be early to mid second trimester as opposed to late second trimester. This is of course all assuming that our first attempt works.

Yesterday we were hit with another round of heavy snow. I haven't heard what the actual totals were, but it was somewhere around ten inches. I do pretty well driving in snow, but ten inches over a sheet of ice, I was not prepared for. I had to stop because a neighbors car was parked in the street, and then I couldn't get going again. After cursing at myself in the front seat, quietly so the kids didn't hear. our awesome neighbor helped get me moving and then plowed my driveway so I could get the van back in the garage. So much for my great snow driving skills. The kids and I baked some cookies to take to our snow saviors and then stayed inside until our neighborhood was plowed.

Rob has the day off today which means I may be able to catch up on a few things before heading into work this afternoon. Or, I may just enjoy some fun time with my loves and leave the dirty floor for another day. I hope everyone is having a great week!

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