Wednesday, March 19, 2014

22 Months

This last month was the month of colds, coughs, stomach flu sickness. Even through all of the fussiness and tears, we still had a pretty good month.

We managed to make it to most of our tumbling classes and to the library a couple times, but otherwise we were stuck inside all month. This means we needed new activities. There are only so many times the kids get excited about coloring. We broke out my Hot Wheels cars, I knew there was a reason I was holding onto them, which they loved. They even got to pick out a couple new cars at the store on Sunday. We also broke out some new play dough accessories and introduced them to a few apps on our phones. No surprise, they love the apps. We have been using a few of the free Fisher Price apps and the Sound Touch Baby app. I held onto my old iPhone when we upgraded, so they can each use the apps individually. They will both pick up a phone and bring it to me saying "As"(Brooke), or "Bs"(Harrison), meaning we want the ABC app. 

Harrison, in true boy fashion, is all about trucks, trains and cars. He now likes to point out every car and truck we see. Walking through the parking lot is now a non stop jabber fest. The church and school behind our house is currently expanding. This means we have trucks, Bobcats, bulldozers and diggers constantly driving by. Harry has taken to looking out the back window and letting us know when one drives by. There's a dump truck that's been parked out back for a few weeks, and he's always telling us "truck" or saying "honk."

We are starting to see real improvement in the speech department. Brooke is starting to really enunciate her second syllable in words. Ma and Da are now ma-ee and da-ee. They are both speaking more without us prompting them, which is great to hear. They have also added quite a few new words to their vocabulary this month. Thanks to this super cute fruit and veggie bag, they can now name most all of their fruits and veggies.  I about die every time Brooke says lettuce, lay-us.

Even though I'm trying to squeeze every last wear out of their 18-24 month and 2T clothes, they're pretty solidly in the next size up.  That means 3T for shirts and dresses, and 2T for pants, shorts and skirts. We've been gradually switching over their clothes, and a certain little lady has been uber excited to try on new things. Yesterday she was wearing a swimsuit top, bubble shorts, and a tutu. I will be sharing the picture on my Instagram (justjm03) today once I get a chance to load it off my camera.

One of their new favorite things is to turn the lights on. Super cute, not so cute for the electric bill. They can get the lights turned on, but aren't so great at getting them turned off. Guess who winds up walking around the house flipping off lights all day? If you guessed me, you're right.

Another month down, another month closer to two.  Happy 22 months, Kiddos!!

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