Thursday, March 6, 2014

FET Schedule

We have officially started our FET cycle.  We went into our RE's, reproductive endocrinologist, office today for our first appointment. After an ultrasound showed everything looks good, they gave us our schedule and sent us on our way, after we paid for the full cycle of course.

Our schedule seems so bare. It's great that the FET is so much less involved, but I feel like we're missing something. We already have all of our dates scheduled. I only have two visits and then the transfer. So, this is what they next few weeks will look like. On March 27th we will potentially be pregnant. On April 9th, we go in for blood work to find out for sure. It's crazy to see it all there in black and white. I was only excited about this cycle, but now I find myself feeling incredibly anxious about it all.

One thing I am not anxious about is getting to take Valium. It is quite possibly the best medication I've ever taken. The Doxycyline and Medrol are new this time around, but all the other medications I took last time around and didn't have any reactions to.

So here's to a long boring three weeks while we wait for the transfer, and an even longer and more boring two week wait, where I will try not to take an at home pregnancy test and will probably fail miserably. 

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