Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2 Years Old

Harrison and Brooke turned two on Friday. We had big plans for a trip to the zoo in the morning and family pictures in the evening. We woke up to frost on the ground, so the zoo trip was nixed. I also got a fabulous black eye the day before, so we had to reschedule pictures, again.

I woke up before the kids and headed out to get birthday donuts. I wound up eating almost the entire box because they licked off the icing and then wanted nothing to do with the donuts. And the cake donuts they loved so much last month, forget about it. They wouldn't take a bite. The rest of the day went much more according to plan, well plan b. The big grocery shopping trip for their party, great naps, a trip to the park, and dinner at one of mine and Rob's favorite restaurants. A little Facetime with my family before bed, and they were spent. I think we sang "Happy Birthday" to them at least 2,947 times. As soon as we'd finish, they'd say "again."

I thought I would be more sentimental on their birthday, but I really wasn't. I am just so thankful that we've had an amazing two years of their life, and I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us.


  • Is starting to put together two word sentences. "more milk," "outside play," "go store." She's also saying bigger words like, "awesome," and "orthodontist (o-dontist)."
  • Wearing 3T shirts and dresses, 2T pants, and size 7 shoes.
  • Loves necklaces, rings, bracelets, headbands, and anything shiny.
  • Also loves trains and trucks.
  • Weighs 29 pounds and is 35" tall.
  • Counts from 1-10. She randomly walks around counting out loud.
  • Constantly asks to go to the park or zoo. When looking at pictures, she can tell if a picture was taken either place. That makes her ask to go even more.
  • Is doing really well potty training. Still having a few accidents here and there, but is back to wearing underwear all the time except when sleeping. 
  • Loves when I sing "Lady" by Styx. She says, "again," as soon as I'm done. I only know the first verse and the hook. I better get on learning the rest.
  • Is super picky about her clothes and shoes. She is becoming better, but most mornings I have to ask her about 10 different outfits before she's willing to wear one.

  • He is becoming quite the parrot. He repeats just about everything we say. It's still sometimes difficult to understand him, but his enunciation is improving. He's working on bigger words too, "orthodontist (dontist)," is my favorite.
  • Is constantly giving the dogs commands. "No," "stay," "outside," "go," "sit," "crate." He also yells their names pretty frequently and gives them the sweetest hugs.
  • Wearing 3T shirts, 2T pants, and size 8 wide shoes.
  • Loves helping me clean. His mini Dyson and broom are constantly being used. He has also started wiping things down and helping me dust.
  • Loves trains, trucks, planes, buses, and diggers. Especially diggers.
  • Weighs 32 pounds and is 35.5" tall.
  • Anytime I ask him to "come here," he says "two," and waits for me to count to three. He often times says "again," as soon as I'm done. I think the concept is lost on him.
  • Has zero interest in potty training, but has become a professional toilet flusher. And he thinks it's pretty great that Brooke uses the potty.
  • Favorite song is "Wheels on the Bus." He loves when you use his baby to do the moves.
  • He loves bubbles but wants to do it "self." He then pours out the bubbles and flips his lid because there are no bubbles left.
Both kids have started climbing into their car seats. They are still rear facing and we plan to keep them that way for at least another few months. I didn't realize how much they could see in their seat mirrors until this month. Harry is constantly calling out trucks and buses that pass by in front of us.

We had a massive mommy fail this month. During an evening trip to the zoo, Harrison used both of his diapers so I put a pair of pull ups on him. He was kind enough to poop in those as well. Thankfully we were just about done when it happened, so we headed out to the van where I could get him cleaned up. There is really no good way to take off a dirty pull up diaper. While I'm trying to get the diaper off, he starts trying to walk away. I said something along the lines of, "I need you to stop moving. There's poop on me and shit everywhere." He immediately looks at me and says "shit." Definitely not one of my proudest moments. Thankfully he hasn't said it since.

Happy birthday Brooke and Harrison! Your dad and I love you so much and are so lucky to call you ours. We can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us. 

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  1. Very amazing. Love hearing the details. Xoxo. You and your family are beautiful inside and out.