Friday, May 2, 2014

Harry's First Haircut

After months of saying it needed to be done, Harrison finally got his first haircut. He went to the same stylist that does my hair and sat on my lap while she gave him a trim. I was expecting a full on meltdown, especially since he was throwing a fit over raisins while we waited, but it never happened. He didn't she a single tear. He didn't even fidget. He just sat there eating raisins answering yes to every question Samantha, my stylist, asked him. He was so great!
Last picture before the cut!

The finished product!

After the haircut we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant before heading home for baths and bed time. It's crazy what a difference a haircut makes. The entire evening I kept thinking to myself, and aloud, that he looks so much older. I see it in pictures of little boys all the time. They go from baby to little man with a snip of the scissors. It's crazy to see it happen to your little boy though. Congrats on taking your first haircut like a champ, handsome little man!

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