Wednesday, May 21, 2014

2nd Birthday Party

Harrison and Brooke's second birthday party was this weekend. We planned a Mickey and Minnie brunch. Preparing enough brunch for 25 people made for a hectic morning, but the party turned out great.

Brunch Menu
Muffin Tin Quiches
Hot Diggity Breakfast Dogs
Mini Muffin Pancakes
Mixed Berry Bake
Fresh Fruit

Mimosa Bar
Iced Coffee

I had a few projects that kept me busy during naps for the week leading up to the party. Mickey plates, mickey confetti, hanging door banner, mouseketool favors, and a picture wall. Most of the work went into the food though. A few things I tried for the first time, and I was happy with the results. Smokey links wrapped in blueberry biscuits and cinnamon rolls, were the hit of the party. I wanted a simple way to do sweet and savory, and Pillsbury rolls worked perfect. Harrison kept coming back for more, and so did everyone else. Sorry to my vegetarian friends who didn't get to eat them.

Brooke and Harrison chose not to wear their special ears for more than a few minutes. 

We staked balloons in the grass, and the kids absolutely loved it! I got the idea from Pinterest (where else, right?) and I'm so happy we actually did it. The morning of I considered just saying forget it because we were busy doing other things to get ready. If we do it again, I won't use black balloons though. The heat was too much for them and they popped pretty quickly, and it was only 62.

Strawberry cupcakes with chocolate ganache and strawberry cream cheese frosting. 

As a massive party host fail, I got super busy and forgot to send the kids' favors with them when they left. All the kids who attended will be getting a special hand delivery from yours truly.

We of course never got a picture of the four of us, but I did get in on a great selfie with my favorite redhead who just started blogging recently.

 photo from Just 2 Gingers                                                

I love hosting get togethers and planning themed parties. One thing I won't be doing again is hosting a large brunch. I was still making food 30 minutes after the party started. I still got a chance to enjoy the day, but I wish I would have had it all done sooner. Maybe I just need a second oven. One can dream, right?

Thank you to everyone who joined us, and those of you that were here in spirit. I know H and B had an amazing day, and I did too. I was asleep before 10, and they slept in until 9 the next morning. That's how you know it was a great party!

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