Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's Zoo Season

Over the weekend the kids and I got to go to an awesome event at one of the local colleges. It was the "Touch a Truck" event, and it was heaven on earth for little boys and girls who love trucks. We also had our first trip to the zoo this weekend. I didn't bring my camera for either event which means iPhone pics are the best thing I got all weekend. We had fun both days, even though it was freezing cold on Sunday when we hit up the zoo. Well, maybe not quite freezing but it was 42* when we first got there.

Yesterday we got to visit the zoo again and we had slightly better weather and got to see more animals. We love having a zoo membership! It's the perfect morning activity during the spring and summer months. I know we'll get to go to the Seattle zoo this summer and I'm to visit Indy and at least one of the Chicago zoos over the summer.

We didn't make it through the whole zoo yesterday because we got distracted by the trains, both the one you can ride and the one you can climb on, and the geese. Harrison gets more excited about the geese than any of the animals on exhibit. Maybe because they roam free? He runs around saying "geese, geese," over and over again pointing to every Canadian goose he sees. Me: "Um Harrison, there are zebras and ostriches out there." Harrison: "Geese, geese." Maybe I should just take him to Grandma's house so he can watch the geese on the pond.

We ride the train and the carousel almost every time we visit the zoo. We had a very hard time deciding on carousel animals yesterday and had to switch animals before the ride started. They also decided they needed to sit in different train seats, so Harry sat in front of Brooke and I. I was worried it would be a disaster, but they both sat still the entire time. They got to pet a snake yesterday which I'm pretty sure I though was cooler than they did. Quite possibly the best part of the zoo yesterday was seeing all the peacocks and then hearing Harry make "cock" noises all afternoon. If you know what a peacock sounds like, you can probably imagine how hilarious it is to hear a two year old imitate one.

Next Tuesday is my last official day of work for the summer because my amazing summer employee is coming home from college for the summer. That means lots more zoo trips in our near future.

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