Monday, September 2, 2013

Goodbye Summer

Summer is officially over. Ok, so technically there are still 3 weeks of summer left but in my book it's officially over. Labor day weekend has come and gone.  The pier is out of the water. The nights are getting cooler. Summer is done.  Plus my recent purchases indicate that I've already moved onto fall, and maybe even winter. Hello Christmas pajamas and pumpkin cupcake candles.

We had a weekend packed full of fun, which means lots of pictures.  You've been warned.

On Friday evening the kids got to try their first DeBrand sundae. Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and raspberry sauce, the best stuff on earth, all served in a chocolate cup. So amazing. I could die happy after eating one. Definitely worth the small fortune you have to pay to indulge in one.

After our sundae we walked around Jefferson Pointe where the kids found a light and we were subjected to the worst cover of "Moves Like Jagger" ever. The kids were sleepy so we skedaddled out of there and didn't have to listen to any more terrible covers.

Saturday morning we joined the other work babies for a trip to the zoo. 4 kids all looking, almost, at the camera? I'll take it. We survived three hours at the zoo with 4 kids, no meltdowns and only a few tears. A successful morning for sure.

The mist was quite possibly the highlight of the day.

This picture was taken right before a goat decided to eat Carolyn's vest, it's really a scarf, for a snack. There's now a sizable tear in the scarf.  Goats are a-holes.

Love these girls!

The rest of our Saturday was pretty relaxed. Naps, mass and dinner with family. On Sunday morning we headed to the lake to take out the pier and visit with the fam. Having a separate set of toys at the lake is the best. The kids think they have new toys every time we go, plus I don't have to lug ten tons of baby crap with me. Only 8 tons.

This picture is proof that garage sale and free toys are just as fun as the brand new ones. Who cares that the dog chewed a hole in the car door?

Has anyone seen Brooke?

I was on baby duty most of the day while everyone else worked. I was able to step away long enough to help lift the cross pieces out of the water.  I was planning to help during nap time but two children refused to sleep the first time they went down.  Brooke was able to reach the white noise machine and shut it off. I came back in and turned it back on. 5 minutes later I look on the baby monitor and there is a brown ghost in Brooke's crib. She had pulled the brown sheet used to block out the light of the window and was playing under it.  So much for nap attempt #1.

We played some more, cried some, watched the boats and after another 90 minutes we tried nap attempt #2. It was hot enough that the kids got to nap in just diapers. They went down without too much of a fight but were only able to sleep for an hour before I had to wake them up.

What did Harrison do to his diaper?

After naps Aunt Chrisser, both kids and I went for a Sea Doo ride. It was their first time using the puddle jumpers at the lake.  They still like them and didn't fight them at all. We went for a swim when we got back. Then it was time to eat dinner and head home.

She was all about the bikini because she could touch her belly button the whole time. She is obsessed!

If you look on Harry's temple you can see a kiss left from from Aunt Chrisser. He had one on each side. Such a lucky boy.

Today was spent in The Fort visiting with my sister and her husband. We didn't do much but we had a good time. I swore I was going to get the kids to bed at their normal time tonight, but the were still late getting to bed. Three nights of late bedtimes. Skipped naps. Short naps. It's definitely been a weekend of missed sleep. We have to get back on schedule tomorrow. All of the fun was worth it.

I fell in love with this song when this album came out a couple weeks ago.  It's the perfect song to end the summer.  I'm already planning trips apple picking, maybe hayrides and possibly a football game. And I'm super excited for the kids to get to wear all their new fall and winter clothes. Having to buy two new wardrobes every six months is so fun.  Not cheap, but fun. Happy fall, y'all!

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