Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

Another weekend, another trip to the zoo and and a Sunday full of football.  

We were joined by Carolyn and Sophie again for some early morning animal adventures on Saturday. Our usually chipper kids decided that good behavior is overrated, and they were all fussy little monkeys for 3 hours. 

Before the day completely went to shit, we did have a few good moments.  The kids all got to pet a snake, and I got caught this adorable moment between Sophie and Brooke. They had been holding hands just before this.  These girls are so sweet together!

By the time we got home the kids were overtired, cranky and didn't want to nap. They finally went down, but didn't sleep long enough because they both woke up in bad moods. We had errands to run and needed both strollers, Carter's and the grogery require different strollers for easy maneuvering. When we got back to the van at the grocery, this note was on the windshield. 

Thank you to whoever the considerate person was who adjusted the stroller and closed the door. I hit the button to close the lift gate and walked away without a second thought. This gave me a smile at the end of a long day. It's nice to be reminded that there are good, considerate, trustworthy people out there.  

Sunday was just spent around the house eating chili and watching football. We were all in much better moods today, and even though our team lost, it was still a great day. Mostly because of the browned butter, sea salt and Nutella chocolate chip cookies we went to town on, and because Daddy was home. 

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  Ours went by too quick as always.  

An update to Friday's blog post: Harrison does not have ringworm and mommy is always right.  All of Harrison's ring like marks and now gone and bruises remain in their place. Yes, our sweet little Brookie Wookie has a biting problem. I hope these teeth come through soon so she'll stop assaulting her brother when we aren't looking. Canine teeth suck!

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