Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

Our weekend started out Friday morning with at trip to the AT&T store. Rob's phone was in desperate need of an upgrade and since we couldn't preorder the iPhone 5s, it was off to wait in line we went. Thankfully the line was only a few people long, so we were in and out with two new phones in an hour.

First picture on the new phone.

Friday was still very summery here, so the kids wore a couple of our favorite summer outfits.  I'm not looking forward to having to pack more clothes away soon.


The last day of summer felt a lot like fall.  We dressed in thermal one pieces and headed out to do some morning garage saling.  The ducks on a string are Brooke's new favorite toy, and not just because they're new.  She has figured out how to pull them behind her and knows to pick up the first duck if it falls over.  It is quite possible the most annoying toy ever, partially because she hasn't stopped playing with it since we got it.

The rest of our Saturday was pretty relaxed.  We played outside for the rest of the morning until it was time for lunch.  After naps we joined Grandma and Grandpa for mass and dinner. The best part of Saturday was that Daddy made it home for baths.  

Sunday morning we headed to the zoo to see Sophie and Miss Carolyn.   It was a perfectly cool and sunny fall morning.  The kids all had fun running around, watching the animals and throwing tantrums.  I could have done without the last part.  

I love that H and B are old enough now to enjoy spending time with Sophie, and thankfully she likes them too. I listen to the crazy things she says and it makes me so excited for when H and B are really talking. Kids say the craziest stuff.  

Notice Brooke's horse is missing Brooke. She cried and refused to stay on the horse.  I carried her and we walked beside the horse.  

During nap time I worked on some meal planning for the week and enjoyed one of my favorite fall finds, Thomas Pumpkin Spice English Muffins.  These things are seriously delicious and are perfect for breakfast, as a snack or with a little Nutella for dessert.  

I am definitely excited for soup.  I have a couple new crockpot soup recipes I'll be trying this week.  If anyone has any good crockpot recipes that don't require tons of prep work first, please share! If I'm using the crockpot, I don't want to have to brown my meat and cook the veggies first. I may as well just cook it on the stove if I have to do all that. Am I right?

Both babies woke up on the wrong side of the crib after naps, so we headed outside.  The fresh air always puts them in a better mood.  Even with some outside time, they still headed to bed a little early tonight.  

Rob and I are now enjoying pizza and beer while watching football.  I'm really hoping I can make it through the game, but I have a feeling I may only make it to half time. 

I came across this fall bucket list today and think it looks perfect.  I can already cross pick apples and drink hot apple cider off the list, although I'm pretty sure I'll be doing both again soon.  I'm really excited to do a few of them with Brooke and Harrison.  They were too young to really enjoy fall and Halloween last year, but this year we'll be going all out.  Does anyone have other things on their fall bucket list we should be doing this year?

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