Friday, September 27, 2013

When Mommy Isn't Always Right

I'm always right.  Ok, I'm right 99% of the time.  Well, 75% might be more accurate, at least when it comes to the kids.  The majority of the time moms are right when it come to things pertaining to their children, but not always.  I was reminded of this yesterday by my husband, two kids and an infection.  

If you follow me on Instagram (justjm03), you saw the lovely picture of Harrison's bite mark on his cheek.  He woke up from his nap with the mark on his cheek and I assumed his sister bit him while they were hugging across their cribs.  Brooke has a history of biting Harry when she gets upset with him, so this seemed like the logical explanation of what happened.  

Robbie said he thought it looked like ringworm, but I insisted it was a bite.  H had no other marks on him and the red circle looked exactly like every other bit mark B had ever given H.  

I'm sure by know you can see where this is going.  By bathtime H had more red circles on his skin and I spent their bath consulting Dr. Google on how to treat ringworm and how he may have got it. Then I had to tell Robbie he was right and apologize to Brooke for unjustly accusing her of committing a twin crime.    

It turns out, mom isn't always right.  

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