Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hello, October!

Hello, October! It's nice of you to finally join the party. We've been excited for October since the first day of September. We broke out Halloween jammies and shirts way early this year, and we already have costumes pretty much done. After last year's costume disaster I swore we were going store bought, but my desire to having matching costumes won out. I swear next year we'll just hit up the costume aisle at Target.

Brooke is in love with everything witch, which is great because we have lots of witch things this year. We all LOVE this amazing witch headband from Jameson Monroe. It's already getting quite a bit of wear. I just hope is holds up to the constant attention B gives it.

I think the witch obsession stems from a couple of our favorite books. Ghosts in the House is one we love along with Room on the Broom. Room on the Broom never made it to the storage shelf with the rest of the Halloween books last year. We love it! We added a few new Halloween books to our collection this year. Creepy Carrots and Monster Party have quickly become regulars in the rotation.

Aside from Halloween, we're looking forward to all the fall fun October brings. Hayrides, apple picking, Corn mazes, changing leaves. You get the idea. Yesterday was a great fall day. 60 degrees and cloudy. Perfect for burning spiced pumpkin cider candles, my fave and apparently a lot of other peoples too because they're sold out of them, cooking chicken and noodles, and drinking lots of hot coffee. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the low 80s. We could really start enjoying fall if the weather could make up its mind. However, I know that's too much to ask.

Like the majority of the world, we're loving everything pumpkin flavored right now. Pumpkin Noosa is at the top of that list. We'll all be very sad when it's not available anymore. Pumpkin Spice Krispy Kreme Juniors are killer. Way better than Pumpkin Munchkins, IMO. Pumpkin Spice Oreos, um yes please! And of course Pumpkin Spice Green Mountain. The best pumpkin coffee I've found. I tried Archer Farms last year and was not impressed. I was even less impressed with the PSL Via packets.

October also means The Walking Dead is back!!! Less than two weeks until our Sunday nights are occupied by Rick and the gang. We are of course planning a premiere party. Probably not as all out as last year's party, but fun and TWD themed none the less. We have a few friends who will be joining us every Sunday the show airs, which is an awesome way to end the weekend.

What do you all love about October and fall in general? Are there great books, treats, products, or activities we're missing out on?

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