Monday, October 20, 2014

The Game Plan

I recently, well in June so not so recently, had a follow up meeting with our reproductive endocronologist to discuss our failed FET and the potential for future cycles. Depending on what research you look at, the success rate for thawed embryos is 70-90%, so why did we have 3 embryos not survive the thaw? What does this mean for future cycles? What do you recommend we do in the future? I had a lot of questions.

What I found out didn't really answer the question of why none of our frosties made it. All three were low grade embryos, good enough quality to freeze, but barely. So there's no reason to think there was anything genetically off, but would it impact future cycle? Our RE thinks not, but since we didn't do any testing, there's no way to know for sure.

So that brings us to future cycles. Yes we are planning to do another fresh IVF cycle. We were looking at the beginning of the year, but it's looking like March or April now because I need to be able to make it to Denver in August. 8 months pregnant ladies don't usually get the green light to fly. We still have a few basic tests to run once we get closer to the start of our cycle, but the plan looks pretty identical to last time. Same drugs, same protocol. The big question will be how many embryos to transfer.

I know there are a lot of variables in this situation. We could even go through all of the drugs, monitoring, and stimulation and not wind up with any embryos. It's a possibility, but hopefully one we won't face. Best case scenario, our cycle goes exactly like last time and we have a handful of embryos to transfer or freeze. Statistically we have a 40% chance of a successful transfer with one embryo or a 70% chance with two. Those are our chances for a singleton pregnancy, assuming we have good quality embies.

So, what about twins? There's a 20-30% chance that we would wind up with twins if we transfer two. Yes I want to have a natural birth, a low risk pregnancy, the "normal" pregnancy experience. But if we play the numbers, two embryos it is. And would a second set of twins be a bad thing? Absolutely not. It would be a blessing. It would make for a long a difficult pregnancy and a definite hospital delivery, but I know we would manage.

Having twins has been the most amazing experience. Seeing their relationship grow and change. Watching them play with their best friend every day. Watching them help one another or comfort their twin when they're sad. The bond they have is beyond words, and we would be lucky to experience it again if we were so fortunate.

So we have a plan. We have a date. And now we wait. So much of infertility treatment is a waiting game. Waiting for test results, waiting to save money, waiting for insurance approval. Even though we are still 5 or so months out, having a plan feels good. It gives me hope. Something to look forward to. Something to pray for. 

And there you have it, where we are in our journey. Because I know all of you were just dying to know. But, some you you asked so now you know.  

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