Monday, October 13, 2014

Mornings Lately

Our schedule lately has been full. When I say our, I mean mine and the kids. The week we got back from Seattle I started back to work. I only work a few hours a week and I'm lucky enough that I can take H and B to work with me and not mess up their schedule too much.  That's one of the awesome benefits of owning your own business, and having amazing employees who accommodate your crazy kids and their schedule.

Having them at work with me three days a week has given me a whole new level of respect for moms and dads who work from home. Trying to juggle kids and work is no joke. I'm sure my clients think we're a hot mess every time they come in and there are two toddlers running around screaming. Meanwhile I'm trying to make sure dogs go home with the right owners and that Brooke doesn't poop her pants while I'm busy with a client. Hot mess indeed.

Being that we head to work most days as soon as they finish naps and that by the time we're done working they need to eat dinner and hop in the tub before bed, we have to make the most out of our mornings. Any activities, play dates, trips to the store, etc, all have to be finished before 1pm. It makes for tightly scheduled days.

Last week we went to a local farm, shopped for our Walking Dead party, and made our last zoo trip of the year. I think the weather will be keeping us inside most of this week, so I see a few gym trips and hopefully a play date in our future this week. Anything to keep them busy, happy, and tire them out so they take good naps. I am gladly taking recommendations for things to do as the weather gets cooler. I know our mornings at the park are limited.

I am also gladly taking suggestions on ways to manage kids while working. I'm trying to avoid screen time even though I know giving them their Kindles would keep them happily occupied the entire time we're at work. They're great at helping when they can, but since I work with big, playful pups they can always help with what mom is doing.

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