Monday, October 6, 2014


This weekend was cold. Cold enough that we spent most of the weekend inside. No walks or park trips. But we did think a trip to the zoo was a good idea. :/ My dear friend, Kim, was kind enough to remind me that last weekend we were drinking outside in dresses, and we were very comfortable. 

Rob had Friday off this week, so we started Friday morning with a little festive breakfast. We read "Where's My Mummy," and then had mummys to eat. Smoky Links wrapped in blueberry biscuit dough. We did these breakfast pigs in the blanket for H and B's birthday brunch, and Harry couldn't eat enough of them. He was all about them this time around too. Brooke of course just wanted blueberry biscuit.

We tried getting out for a walk Friday morning, but the rain ruined our plans, so we spent the day around the house reading, playing trains, and doing puzzles. I worked a few hours Friday afternoon, but made it home in time for beef vegetable soup, recipe share tomorrow, and some snuggles before bath and bedtime. 

It was my weekend to work the daycare, so the kid and I pulled our usual routine for weekends I work. Daycare, library, daycare, naps, daycare, dinner. Our time at the library always includes a donut and coffee date, checking out the fish, and playtime in the early learning center. We have just recently started checking out library books, which they love. I finally trust them not to ruin a board book, but we aren't quite ready for books with real pages or anything that involves lifting a flap. Harrison unfortunately thinks it's fun to tear the flaps apart.

We started getting acquainted with our Halloween costumes Saturday night. I'm hoping they will wear wigs, but I'm not too optimistic. Brooke still refuses to put one on and Harrison only lasted for about 60 seconds before insisting I take it off.

Sunday morning we headed to the zoo. This is the last week our zoo is open, so we want to make sure we get in a couple last visits. We met up with Carolyn and Sophie bright and early. Harrison was insistent on winter coats, and then he hated it the whole time. There were quite a few tears shed over mittens because having your thumb in the thumb sleeve is apparently not ok. He's been upset about pretty much everything lately. Two of his two year molars are coming through right now, so he's been a hot mess.

We made it through 3/4 of the zoo before heading home to watch some football. Rob's cousins and Baby B came over and brought lunch. Yay! All three kids snoozed through a good majority of the game while we watched the Steelers WIN. After naps and dinner, we broke out the bounce house. We are quickly learning that this will be the best way to burn off some energy when it's too cold to get outside. Bounce house parties at our house all fall and winter long!

We are hoping to get in one last trip to the zoo this week and maybe some fall fun. Picking pumpkins, hay rides, corn mazes, apple cider slushies. All on our to do list. 

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