Wednesday, January 21, 2015

365 Challenge - Week 3

You know how last week I said I was going to try and not just post pictures of the kids smiling at the camera? Yea, I kind of failed in that department this week. I had a few more original pictures that I took, like an adorable one of Harrison in Brooke's undies sporting a serious wedgie, but the picture of Brooke eating a cookie won out. Sorry Harry's booty.

1.15.2015 - date night

1.16.2015 - hello miss blue eyes

1.17.2015 - warmish day shopping - iPhone

1.18.2015 - happy birthday daddy - I couldn't pick just one.

1.19.2015 - ready for love

1.20.2015 - show me your best swim faces

1.21.2015 - story time

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