Saturday, January 17, 2015

Headband Display

Almost two years ago I made a headband and clip display. (You can find the tutorial here.) It has worked very well for us over the last two years. It is still perfect for clip storage, but as Brooke's headband collection grows, it's functionality for headband organization has decreased. Instead of organized headbands, we have a jumbled mess of elastics to sort through just to find what we want. 

I decided it was time to add a little more storage for Brooke's ever growing collection. I wanted to keep the current display and add a few a lot more hooks. Since I'm sure there will be more headbands purchased in the future, I also wanted a display system we can add to easily as time goes on. I saw quite a few Ikea hacks as I was scouring Pinterest, and I decided cheap and functional was the way to go. I loved the look of some of the wire curtain hangers, but ultimately decided to go with the Bygel bar and hook. I bought 3 21.75" bars and 60 hooks.

Tools needed

21 3/4 " Bygel bar x3
10 pack Bygel hooks x6
12 drywall screws (anchors optional)
Laser level
Power drill

This was a super easy project thanks to the use of my two favorite power tools, the power drill and laser level. I have a Ryobi laser level (similar) and it makes hanging anything super easy. I was able to do this in 30 minutes with the kids' "help." I decided to stagger the placement of the bars so I could fit more headbands into a smaller space. I measure the space I wanted to use and the divided by 2. Bar 1 at the top, bar 3 at the bottom, and bar 2 in the middle. 

I marked the measurements with a pen and then broke out the laser level. I aligned the laser with the top mark, making sure the laser line was level, and then put the bar in place. I aligned the top two holes with the laser line, and then marked all 4 holes with a pen. I repeated this process for all 3 bars.

One the holes were marked, I broke out the drill. I decided to anchor the screws so the bars would hold up to a little bit of tugging. I drilled all the holes, places the anchors, and then screwed all the bars in place.

Brooke and Harrison were so excited to help but all the headbands on the bars. I know that there is no point in trying to keep the headbands organized by color or style, so I let H and B go at it. I filled all of the hooks on our top display with skinny elastics. I found that using two hooks on a bar was a good way to hold onto hard headbands. Brooke is starting to enjoy wearing "crowns" as she calls them, so i wanted to makes sure those were on display as well.

We've had the new bars up for almost a week now, and they are a huge hit. Brooke loves being able to pick out her own headbands. Having them low enough that the kids can reach them worked out really well for playing dress up too. I don't love not having a say in what headband she wears each day, but whatever. If she wants to wear the neon coral headband with a hot pink shirt and a red tutu, more power to her!

I do love that these hooks are big enough that we can use them to hang sunglasses, jewelry, or even purses. We ordered 60 hooks to start with. We have 50 or so of them already in use, and there is still plenty of room to add more hooks as the headband collection continues to grow, or if we decided to use the hooks for other items as well.

Our total cost for parts was $14.91 plus tax and shipping. If you live close to an Ikea though, forget the shipping cost. So for under $25 we have a new, organized, easy to reach hair accessory display for Brooke, and Harrison too. After this turned out so well, I feel like I should get on more little projects around the house. Or maybe just catch up on the DVR.  Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


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