Monday, January 5, 2015

Mission Organization and Our Weekend

This poor little blog has been very neglected over the last couple weeks. I have a constant feeling of playing catch up to try and get our lives back on track. We have most of our returns made from the holidays, altough I still have a sweater to get back to Express. I am still trying to figure out how to keep the kids new influx of toys organized. And even though I took down the Christmas tree on Monday last week, I just finally got all of the decorations organized and stored in the garage yesterday. I feel like our lives were more cluttered than usual for the last couple months of 2014, so now I'm really working to get things back in order and as organized as possible.

For the time being, the kids and I are off daycare duty, so our days are now free to spend as we please. I am hoping to continue with my motivation and to spend the extra time in our days getting things organized, or napping. Today I'm thinking my closet needs a good purge. It's been about 6 months since I've gone through my unworn clothes, so it's about that time. I've made some good progress on creating storage room in the garage, thanks to Space Saver bags, but I still need to do some work out there. If only it were warmer than 30 degrees in our garage. I might be more willing to get it all done quickly.

Our weekend was pretty tame. I was on call with the doggies this weekend, so the kids an I mostly hung out around home on Saturday. We did hit up Meijer, Kroger, and Target between morning daycare visits. We picked up lots of soup fixings, and I got to town on making a few batches of soup to put in the freezer. They have been all about soup lately, so I figured this was a good way to have meals ready to go in the freezer.

Sunday was another quiet day spent mostly around the house. We did make a quick trip to the laundromat to wash our comforters and so the kids could ride the electric car 251 times. Since we were close to our old hood, we hit up our favorite Chineese restaurant for lunch. Brooke and Harrison both had perfect pronunciation of Hainan House, and B kept saying we were going to Hainan's House for lunch. Quite possibly one of the cutest things ever.

The afternoon and evening were spent around the house watching football, doing laundry, finish up soup, and space saving the last of the kids' clothes. Robbie tried to watch Tangled with H and B, but they only wanted Cinderella, so his movie night with them didn't quite go as planned. One the kids were in bed we sat doen for adult movie time and watched Episode V. Robbie received the Star Wars box set for Christmas, so we are working our way through them. I haven't seen IV-VI since  I-III came out, so it's been fun re watching the originals.

We are going to start going back to the Y today. If it's anything like all of our past gym attempts, we'll go for a week, the kids will get sick, and then we'll have to take two weeks off while they get better. The also start swim and gymnastics classes this week, so we will be spending lots of time at the Y. Happy Monday!

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