Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Five

I discovered Hot Sauce and Donuts, like all good things, through Instagram. Their Love You Like XO shirt is what drew me in while I was looking for Valentine's Day shirts. I ultimately didn't get that shirt, but what I did order was even better. I ordered a "It's Hip To Be Square" shirt and a Frozen shirt for the kids, and I ordered the amazing Modern English pullover for me. The kids have already worn their shirts a couple times, and I love them more each time they wear them. And other people seem to appreciate them too, because H and B been saying thank you a lot, thanks to all the compliments they've been getting. Go check out Hot Sauce and Donuts, like now!

Right now when I take a picture on my camera and want to share it on Insta, I have to wait until I have my computer, log into Dropbox, upload the picture, then get on my phone to download it from Dropbox, and then post to IG. It's not a huge pain, but it is a process, and I can only do it if I have my computer. When I heard about EyeFi, I knew this was something I needed to get in on. It's an SD card that connects with an app on your phone over wifi, and downloads your camera pictures straight to you phone. Apparently these have been around for a little bit, but I am just now learning of them and can't wait to get my hands on one. If it makes my life a little easier, it may just be worth the steep price tag.
itty bittys® Star Wars™ Collector Set
Harrison and Brooke got a few Itty Bitty's for Christmas, and they love them. They are the perfect size for their little hands. B is especially fond of hoarding them and having Elsa, Anna, and Minnie play together. I decided to get them a few more for Valentine's Day. When I saw the Star Wars set, my inner nerd geeked out, and I knew we had to have them. Even though it will be years before the kids get to watch Star Wars, they'll know about C3-PO and Obi Wan well in advance of any movie screenings. They have a Darth Vader and R2D2 that are sold separately, and we snatched those up too. Thank you Disney for buying the Star Wars franchise so my kids can have these cute nerdy toys.

Robbie and I decided to go on an afternoon movie date this week. Thanks Grandma for watching the littles! We originally thought we would go see American Sniper, but decided something a little bit lighter was in order. We decided on The Wedding Ringer, even though it got terrible reviews. Kevin Hart is always good for a laugh, and this movie was no different. We laughed, and laughed, and laughed. Olaf Josh Gad was hilarious too, and quite the dancer. If you're looking for a fun couple of hours, I highly recommend this!

The Superbowl is this weekend, and I'm ashamed to say we don't have anything planned. No parties, platters, or anything. Maybe it's because I really don't care who wins, but I'm just not into it this year. I do want to watch the game, and definitely the half time show. I should probably make some kind of fun, bad for us appetizer. Thank goodness Pinterest is full of inspiration. I think those cheesy bacon Bombs need to make an appearance in my mouth. What do you all have planned?

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