Wednesday, May 13, 2015

365 Challenge - Week 18

Brooke and Harrison's birthday is coming up this weekend, so I've been scouring through the last year of pictures. I've discovered a couple things. 

1. I am so thankful for this blog. My old laptop gave up on life about 6 months ago. All of the pictures on that laptop had been backed up onto a flash drive. Well that flash drive died, so now the old laptop is back in the shop so they can try and pull all of my old files again. I was able to pull most of my favorite pictures from the blog, so I know they aren't all lost if they can't recover them. 

2. I need to do a better job of backing up all of my files. All of my newer pictures are all backed up onto CDs, but I need to do it with the old files if they are able to recover them. Time to purchase more CDs or give up my aversion to backing it all up on the cloud.

3. As much as I hate dragging my DSLR with me everywhere, I'm so glad I'm going this 365 challenge. I have so many more great pictures of H and B from the second half of this year than I do the first. I know we aren't even half way through the year, but I already know I want to do this again next year. Probably with a more even split of iPhone and camera pics though.

5.7.2015 - happy big brother

5.8.2015 - hello?! Are you there?

5.9.2015 - not singing in the rain

5.10.2015 - role call

5.11.2015 - race to the finish

5.12.2015 - Grandpa's helper

5.13.2015 - Mr. Caterpillar

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