Wednesday, May 20, 2015

365 Challenge - Week 19

Hello to my severely neglected corner of the interwebs. I have lots of posts I want to get done, like Harrison and Brooke's birthday party from the weekend, but sleep has become a major priority around here. I've been taking full advantage of nap time, and have been crawling into bed shortly after the kids go to bed at 8:30 each night. That doesn't leave much time for blogging. My DVR is also rather neglected, but one of these days I'll spend nap time watching those last 4 episodes of "Reign" instead of curling up in bed with the dogs.

This morning it's cold outside, as in cold enough I had to turn the heat on, so Harrison and Brooke are getting to watch a movie while I blog instead of catching up on laundry. One of their birthday gifts was "The Land Before Time," which happens to be their dad's favorite movie ever. So they're curled up with blankets on the couch meeting Little Foot, Ducky, and the rest of the crew for the first time. For the record, they made it 30 minutes in and then we moved on to Play Doh.

5.14.2015 - the only picture I took all day

5.15.2015 - I can't even

5.16.2015 - birthday bike riders

5.17.2015 - the happiest dancer

5.18.2015 - the popsicle before the storm

5.19.2015 - not so baby bums

5.20.2015 - Rapunzel the foreman

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