Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday

My babies turned 3 on Saturday! I know, right?! How is that possible? Well, it definitely happened and we set out to make the whole day special for them. Thursday night after they hit the sack, We decorated their doorway with balloons, wrapped their gifts, put out their new bikes, and went to bed early.

They are usually out of their room between 7:15 and 7:30, so we set our alarms for 7am so we could be up before them. Sure enough, at 6:45 I heard them coming out of their room. I jumped out of bed, grabbed my phone, and ran over to their door. I missed the balloons falling in, but I did manage to catch them crawling through the crepe paper. Then I told them to run through it, which was probably as much fun for them as the balloons.

They had cinnamon rolls with candles accompanied by our rendition of Happy Birthday for breakfast, and then it was onto presents.There was some naked bike riding that happened around the living room. Then came clothes and our first attempt at tricycling outside.

Brooke took to pedaling right away, while Harrison much prefers to use hit feet on the pavement to move forward. They did get helmets from Grandma and Grandpa, so all subsequent tricycle trips will be accompanied with safety gear.

We decided for their party to skip a theme and decorations. As much as I love a themed party, we decided to put our time and money to better use, and we rented a bounce house. The rental guys weren't supposed to show up until 3, but we got the call at 10am that they were ready to come set up. 5 extra hours with the bounce house? Yes please!

humidity and her hair equals crazy curls

Brooke and Harrison spent the rest of the morning in the bounce house. I joined them for a few bounces and a trip or two down the slide, and then I headed inside to bake cakes. We let them pick out their own cakes. Harry picked out chocolate marble, and Brooke went with pink velvet. She wanted a pink and purple cake, so a bright pink cake with purple icing is what she got. Robbie stayed outside and played with the kids all morning. Jules kept trying to get in on the action too. After a while we just gave up and let her play.

After naps we were straight back into the bounce house. Their party started at 5 and went until late. We decided to do a hot dog bar for their party because it's super easy and we could prep everything the day before. All I had to do was throw side dishes in the oven, and put everything on the table. Robbie manned the grill, so he was still able to enjoy our guests while preparing food. Harrison has decided he loves hot dogs. Brooke has decided she doesn't like anything anymore, not even mac and cheese. She did ask for cucumbers and cake at her party, so she ate veggies, a plate full of bacon, and cake.

Brooke and Harrison were asleep by 9pm, and completely worn out from the fun of their day. Most of the kids were gone by then, so we lit the chiminea, had a few drinks, and spent the rest of the night on the patio, and in the bounce house. We definitely had as much fun as the kids did, and maybe even a little more. Alcohol, not for me, friends, and a bounce house are a good combination.

I expected to be a little emotional about them turning three, but the only time I got misty eyed is when I first looked through the pictures for the photo wall. I'm glad these hormones are staying in check. They go in today for their 3 year check up, so I'll have a three year update post coming up soon, and maybe even a post that isn't completely about the kids or IVF. One can hope, right? ;)

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