Monday, May 4, 2015

The Weekend

Happy Monday, and more importantly, Happy Cinco De Quatro!! Celebrating fake holidays is almost as much fun as celebrating real ones. By celebrating I mean watching an episode or two of Arrested Development and eating leftovers for dinner. We're big party animals.

Our weekend was relaxed and quite perfect. Friday morning we went to the library with our besties for a donut and play date. We picked out big stack of books to take home, got in some good play time, and stuffed our bellies with Dunkin Donuts. That evening we enjoyed the perfect weather and broke out bubble guns for the first time. Once Brooke and Harrison got the hang of it, they were smitten. I have a feeling we'll be going through lots of bubbles and batteries this summer. We cooked dinner on the grill and enjoyed our first corn on the cob of the season. Harrison was all about it, and Brooke wanted me to cut hers of the cob. At least one of them was into it.

Saturday we got off to a slow start and then ran a few errands. Most of the day was spent around the house. doing some cleaning and playing in the back yard. We were planning to go to a friends house to watch the fight, but a last minute sick kid, theirs not ours, kept us at home. We had a couple friends who decided to join us last minute and watched "The Fight of the Century." Also know as "the most boring pay per view fight I've ever watched."

The weather was perfect on Sunday, almost 80 and clear skies, and we were headed to the lake so Robbie could help my dad put their pier in the water. The kids have been looking forward to the lake for months. The went "fishing" with pool noodles, played with all of their "new" toys that had been at the lake all winter, and played with their toy fishing poles. I'm thinking it way be time to try out real fishing, but I don't know if they're still too young. Plus, I'm not keen on putting the worms on the hook.

They surprisingly took good naps which gave us adults a chance to hang out, have a couple drinks, and cook lunch on the grill. The kids woke up from their naps just as we were finishing late lunch. We still had an hour or two until we needed to head back to the fort, so back to playing and fishing they went.

They had been asking to get in the water all days, and I kept telling them it was too cold. they insisted on getting their feet wet, so up and down the stairs they went. Over, and over, and over. After cleaning up all of their toys from the yard, I sat down for a few minutes to rest. Somehow in the 5 minutes I took to myself, they managed to sit down in the water and soak the bottom half of their clothes. Next thing I know, we have to kids streaking around the front yard. As long as they're having sun, right? We didn't being a change of clothes, so they got to ride home pantsless. Lucky them. Rob slept on the way home, and I squeezed in a 30 minute snooze when we got home. Spending all day in the sun is exhausting, 

The kids and I are spending the morning at work today and tomorrow. While I work, they will be working on their tablet skills. Tomorrow we're planning an extra special Taco Tuesday for Cinco De Mayo. If anyone has any good non alcoholic festive drink recommendations, please share. Is anyone doing anything fun to celebrate?

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