Sunday, May 24, 2015

7 Weeks

How Far Along - 7 weeks
Total Weight Gain - No weight gain since our positive beta. I did gain 3 pounds during our IVF cycle, but I'm going to pretend that doesn't count.
Maternity Clothes - Not yet, although I did order a few new maternity tanks and tees when Gap had them on sale for $8.00. I can still still fit in most of my clothes without a problem. My favorite mid rise Express jeans have been on the hair tie program since about 5 weeks,
Sleep - A mix of insomnia and super sound sleep. I've had a couple nights with random 3 am wake ups that keep me up until 5am. otherwise it's in bed by 10pm and awake whenever the kids get up, around 7am.
Cravings - Carbs. carbs. amd more carbs. If it were up to this belly, all I would eat would be everything bagels smothered with cream cheese. I've been trying to not eat all the carbs, so things like breakfast burritos or bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches have been stepping in. Can you tell I'm all about breakfast food?
Symptoms - Tired all the time. By 9 am I'm already ready for a nap. Thank goodness H and B give me some downtime each day. All day nausea. I thankfully haven't been sick yet, but I feel queasy all day. If I'm not eating, I feel sick, and it doesn't matter how much, how little, or what I eat. I just always feel sick. My boobs were the first indicator I was pregnant, but that's all I'm going to say about that. :) Headaches have reared their ugly head the last couple days too.
Purchases - Aside from the amazing deal from Gap, nope. No purchases until after our ultrasound, and really, we already have everything. I anticipate very few purchases this go round.
Miss Anything - Feeling normal, and Grapefruit Shandy.
Looking Forward To - Our ultrasound on Tuesday! I can't wait to see if there is one or two beans growing in there. I'm also hoping we get the green light to stop estrogen and progesterone on Tuesday.

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