Friday, November 14, 2014

5 on Friday

I seriously slacked off in the blogging department this week, but for good reason. See #1 below. I'm back today though, and teaming up with Darci, April, Christina + Natasha Five on Friday.

One - My laptop gave up on life Saturday. While I was ordering Christmas gifts on Amazon, it keep getting slower and slower and then wouldn't run any programs. After a couple days of fighting with it, I gave up and bought a new, inexpensive HP laptop. Getting used to the new Windows platform makes me feel old. Like eating dinner at Richard's restaurant at 4 in the afternoon old. I miss my old desktop and Start menu. 

I did have to take my old laptop in to have pictures and documents pulled from it. There are 17,005 picture on my old laptop. I think I can officially say I am a picture hoarder. 

Two - How cute are these buckets?! I found these at Pier 1 right before Brooke broke an ornament in the store. Oops! I'm not sure what I'll be using these for, but I'm sure we'll find something fun to fill them with. They also had an adorable reindeer bucket.

Three - It officially feels like winter here. We had light snow yesterday, and the temps won't be cracking 40 anytime soon. I love to wear fleece jackets and pullovers, and immediately snatched this one up when I saw it at Target. I love the high neck and tie detail. It comes in a few different colors and is on sale this week for only $15.99! I may only wear this and leggings for the next week.

Four - This shirt! If you follow me on Instagram (@jennpargeon) you probably already saw this shirt. I discovered Mave Designs through their Instagram page and fell in love. They still have a few kid sizes available and are taking pre-orders for adult sizes through tonight. Jump on it while you can!

Five - Today marks one year since we lost Layla. While I don't think about her everyday anymore, she is still on my mind quite often. Especially over the last few weeks. While the kids don't remember her, they know her in pictures. It tugs at my heart strings every time they point to a picture of her and say her name. This picture still hangs on the wall in the kids room. I've thought about taking it down since she's no longer with us, but I want them to always remember the sweet girl who loved them. And it gives me peace to see her smushy face. 


  1. What is up with important things deciding not to work this week????? My CAR did the same thing - just decided it didn't want to be a car and! Ha!

    And that shirt is so, so precious. I need one in adult size!

    Happy weekend ahead - so glad you joined our little linkup again!

    1. Yuck about the car! Glad to read it got fixed and all is back to normal.

  2. Adore her Hot Mess shirt! I need one! Stopping by from the link up. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I need that hot mess shirt…for me and my daughter! Happy Weekend!

  4. That shirt is the cutest! And what a sweet picture to remember your pup by!

  5. Aww, Layla looks like the best girl! I just read your post about losing her and pretty much had to hold back the tears. So nice that your kids know/remember her, you should totally keep her picture up! And loving that shirt - I'm going to keep an eye out for it at Target this week :)