Tuesday, November 4, 2014

We Be Cribbin', No More

I had been looking forward to, and simultaneously dreading this day for the longest time.  Brooke started crawling out of her crib just before 18 months. Harrison started a few months later. I was not ready to loose the cribs, and they weren't either. I knew it was coming though. We dropped the mattress all the way to the floor, separated their cribs, moved them back together, purchased a Tot Clock. We did everything to keep them sleeping in 4 walls as long as possible.

Shortly after we got back for Seattle, Harrison had two back to back days where he climbed out of his crib and hurt himself. I knew it was time, so we headed to Target to pick out some new bedding accessories. We considered switching to twin beds, but decided against it because their room isn't really big, and it's mostly taken over by their toys. Since we were just losing a side rail, all they needed were new sheets and a couple pillows. One for functionality and one for decoration.

I don't think they could have picked out more mismatched items. Harrison in particular. A brown, blue, and yellow dump truck pillow paired with green and blue robot sheets. Brooke picked more of a matching set, but her pink polka dot sheets and multi-dot heart pillow don't compliment Harry's choices at all.  Any attempts by me to steer their choices in a more matching direction were completely shot down. I lived with it because the point is to get them excited about sleeping in bed, right? They were beyond excited to sleep with their new pillows.

First night in their big kid beds

That evening we took one side rail off, explained their new beds to them and how even though they could get out, they weren't supposed to, and off we went. The first couple weeks were cake and they rarely got out of their beds until the appropriate time. Then their two year molars started to come in, they were restless, and naps became almost nonexistent. Thankfully their evening sleep is still consistently good, although the time change is really pushing that.

We found a couple things really worked well for getting them to stay in bed and go to sleep.  The Tot Clock. I can't sing the praises of this thing enough. Having a visual cue for them to know when it's ok to be wake up, and when they need to stay in bed is great. If we ask them what the blue light means, they tell us, "Stay in bed. Go to sleep." I also remind them it means to keep their head on their pillow and their hand to themselves.

The other thing that's a huge help? Being a stalker in their room. I always remind them that I'm watching on the monitor, and I come in as soon as one of them gets out of bed or even sits up in bed. If I have to go back in multiple times, I will sit in the corner of their room and watch them until they fall asleep. It works within 5-10 minutes every time. Rocking, patting, shushing, singing, etc., doesn't work for them. Once we sleep trained, they have needed to do it on their own.They need their own space and to fall asleep without help. Which is nice, but sometimes I wish they would let me snuggle them until they fall asleep. Although not in a toddler bed. I'm ready for twin beds already. However I don't think they'd be happy if I did away with some of their toys to make room for bigger beds.

So that's how we made the transition and are keeping them in their beds. Does anyone have any go to tricks for keeping your little ones in bed? I'm sure me being a creeper in their room won't always work, so I need some extra tricks up my sleeve. Because, I need quiet time and they need naps, otherwise we are not pretty in the afternoon. They've started shortening their naps too. Anyone else's kids do that around 2.5?

It's 8 am and their light just turned yellow, so off I go. Make sure you get out and vote today! H and B will be coming with me to the poles. Happy Election Day!

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