Monday, November 17, 2014


Another fun weekend is in the books. It was a busy weekend, mainly because it was my on call weekend with the dogs, but we also fit in a lot of fun around my work schedule. Be prepared for a lot of pictures. My phone camera was put to good use this weekend.

Friday morning the kids and I headed to Meijer for a grocery run. They were surprisingly good, and we managed to get everything we needed in under an hour. Right as we were checking out, I got a text from their Aunt Kim asking if we were free for lunch. We had a delightful impromptu lunch date that was filled with pizza, beer, and two toddlers who wouldn't sit still. I miss the days when they sat happily in their car seats snoozing while we lunched.

We took some killer afternoon naps, and by we I mean all three of us, and then headed into work. A couple hours of work, dinner, baths, and it was time to call it a night.

Since it was my on call weekend at the daycare, our usual donut and library date was on the agenda. They were so excited about their donuts, and then barely ate any. I helped eat what they didn't, and then we were off to play and find some new books.

After the library we went to Old Navy to make an exchange which turned into buying more clothes for the kiddos. They had winter coats 50% off, so I picked up this pea coat for Brooke. We made a quick stop by Hallmark for some wrapping paper, because I didn't need more, but it was on sale, and then hit up TJ Maxx where I was underwhelmed by their holiday decor. Our final stop was to pick up cupcakes for Sunday, and then it was home for lunch and naps.

Saturday evening we met Rob for the tree lighting ceremony at Jefferson Pointe. The kids got in some play time at the soft play area, and then it was off to see Santa ride in on his carriage. We got a brief glimpse of Santa and then watched the lighted tree show. After standing outside in the cold, we decided a hot chocolate and hot caramel from DeBrands were in order to close out the evening.

My boys. LOVE!

Sunday was a busy day for me, thanks to work, but a laid back day for everyone else. The kids asked for Cinderella first thing when they woke up, so waffles, berries, and Cinderella they had. We started decorating their room, which they thought was the best. We listened to Christmas music which led to dancing in their beds, and hung ornaments on their little tree. Brookie kept talking about how "we decorating," all day.

It started snowing just before nap time and continued all evening. I was hoping to do a mini photo shoot in the snow, but Harrison napped until it was pretty well dark, and neither of them were into the snow. They loved it from inside, but as soon as they were in it, forget about it. I still managed to snap a few pictures of each of them in the snow. Although they weren't happy about it.

They turned two and a half on Sunday, so CUPCAKES! Cupcakes after naps meant they didn't eat much dinner. I made veggie tacos along with carne asada for our TWD dinner. Those kids don't know what they missed out on. We did manage to convince them to eat a PB&J quesadilla before jumping in the tub. Of course once they were tucked in, we watched The Walking Dead. And that is how we finished our weekend. How was everyone else's weekend? Anything fun happen?

Today starts an interesting week for us. I am down an employee which means I'm working 40 hours plus interviewing to fill the open position. I am anticipating two weeks of craziness, and then hopefully things will be back to usual. And now I'm off to print resumes and get interview questions prepared. Happy Monday!!

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