Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Weekend

Halloween, I love it and the kids do too. We've been building it up for weeks and working on their "trick or treat" and thank yous. All last week each day they'd talk about trick or treating and I'd have to tell them not yet. We were a hot mess after naps on Friday, but we managed to get dressed, in multiple layers, snap a few pics and get out the door with minimal meltdowns. 

Brooke was all about it. The costumes, the drumsticks, the pictures. Harrison, not so much. Once we made it outside though, he was ready to go and happily running from house to house ringing doorbells and saying "trick or treat." They didn't even care that we were being snowed on and it was super windy. They loved running around, and of course, candy. Their BFF, Sophie, joined us for trick or treating and dinner. Then we had their first slumber party. Slumber parties already?! Wahhh!

Brooke licking a Tootsie Pop is quite possibly my favorite thing ever.

Saturday morning once the kids were all up, we had waffles, watched Aristocats, and jumped in the bounce house. Aristocats is Brooke's new favorite. She doesn't want to watch Mickey or Frozen anymore. It's always "Cats."

Saturday evening we get dressed up again to go to a store opening and a costume party. Harry was equally as upset about his costume on Saturday. Who knew jeans, a t-shirt, and a hat would cause such a fit?

Wayne, Garth, and Stacy

Once we made it to Sweets So Geek, all was right with the world, until they saw Darth Vader. Tears and hiding ensued. They weren't having it. Enter cake. Raspberry Pomegranate White Chocolate Cake. So good! Definitely go check them out if you live in town. Their desserts and chocolates are amazing!!! The bacon and Nutella filled chocolate Millennium Falcon is out of this world.

We had treats, ate Bravas, ran around like a couple of crazies, and then headed to our cousin's costume party. Food, booze, a bonfire, and games for the kids. All the elements for a great fall shin dig. We stayed up past bed time in the hopes of getting them to sleep in. That failed. I definitely spent an hour Sunday morning laying on their floor in order to keep them in bed until their 8am wake up time.

It was chilly but sunny Sunday morning, so we took a walk to the park. By the time we got there, Harrison was already so sleepy that he almost fell asleep while swinging. When we did get home, he took a three hour nap, which is unheard of recently. 

We ended our evening as per usual, with friends, food, football, and The Walking Dead. We had the tough decision between watching TWD or The Steelers on SNF. We chose TWD with football updates during commercials. I did not survive until the end of the game, but I did last until mid way through the 4th. My 6am wake up call was lurking. I was happy to wake and see that The Steelers closed out the game strong. Yay for another win!

On a completely unrelated note, I am finally going to bite the bullet and paint our kitchen, living room, and hallway. I've been debating it since we moved in and even though it will require a lot of nap times worth of painting, it needs done. I think I shall pick out potential paint colors this afternoon. Happy Monday indeed!

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