Wednesday, November 19, 2014

H and B 2.5

I'd like to say I can't believe Harrison and Brooke are already two and a half, but I believe it. While the time has flown by, these two seem so grown up sometimes I have a hard time believing they're only two and a half. Sunday was the official day, so we of course celebrated with a mini photo shoot and cupcakes.

  • Weighs 33 lbs. and is 37.5" tall. Is wearing a size 8 shoe, 3T pants and 4T shirts.
  • Loves carrying her purse, wearing jewelry, and having clips in her hair.
  • Is constantly telling us she's a princess. Skirts, jewelry, and sparkly clothes equal princess in her mind. This may stem from her love of Cinderella.
  • Wants her blanket all the time. She has three blankets we rotate, and it doesn't matter which one she has, as long as she has one.
  • Also like to have all of her stuffed animals, pillows, and other belongings. Girl is a hoarder!!
  • Is always telling us she's really cold. She'll also tell us she's really hot too, right after she told us she was really cold. I'm not so sure she understands the concept.
  • Is potty trained except for naps and nighttime. We still have the occasional accident, but they are few and far between. She also wakes up dry at nap time most days.
  • Has become quite the picky eater. She's doing better recently with the promise of Halloween candy if she finishes her dinner. Most days it's a battle though. Unless we're eating Chipolte. Then she's ravenous.
  • Still loves picking out her own clothes. She even has an opinion on what socks and panties she wears.
  • Is constantly talking. Our favorite is when she tries to convince us something was our idea. B, "I play tablet." Me, "You want to play on your tablet?" B, "Ok."
  • Can count to 30. However she always skips 14, 16, and 21. If you ask her what comes after 13, 15, or 20 she knows the answer, but when counting they don't exist.
  • Knows the alphabet but forgets E and N every time she sings the song.
  • Understands that if she throws a fit she gets sent to her room. She will ask to go to her room and cry if she doesn't like whatever we are trying to get her to do, or not do.
  • Has all four 2 year molars.
  • Loves chapstick. Mainly my EOS that she gets all wet from her sloppy application. It's hilarious to watch her apply, but not so great when I put on chapstick covered in Brookie drool.
  • Has what we think is a nervous tic. She gulps in air and makes a "huhp" sound. Sometimes it's very frequent, and other times it will be weeks in between me noticing it.
  • Loves making faces. I often times catch her making faces in the mirror facing her car seat.

  • Weighs 35 lbs. and 39" tall. Is wearing a size 9W shoe, 3T pants and 4T shirt.
  • Would sit in his room and look at books quietly for hours.
  • Has definitely caught up to his sister in the vocabulary department. Watching and listening to him put sentences together makes me so happy, mainly because I can see how proud of himself he is.
  • Is a champion eater. He eats pretty much anything we put in front of him.
  • Still refuses to go to the bathroom on the toilet. He will hold it for hours, but won't go in the bathroom.
  • Is very emotional and throws tantrums often. When he gets upset he refuses to use his words and usually has to go to this room until he settles down.
  • Has his bottom 2 year molars.
  • Loves bossing around the dogs and helping put Jules in her crate. Hearing him tell Jules no or call her a bad dog makes me laugh inside. Trying to tell him not to yell at her while I'm dying to laugh isn't easy.
  • Loves calling our traffic signals while we're driving. He definitely understand the concept of stop lights.
  • Has been saying the same prayer every night for the last 4 months. "Thank you Jesus, mowers, diggers, amen." He also like to say he's tankful for completely random things like a fan or his toothbrush.
  • Is obsessed with vacuums, carpet cleaners, brooms, mops, etc. Not only his, but ones he sees in stores too.
  • Wants to snuggle all the time. He asks us to snuggle in his bed every night and nap time.
  • Is all about taking random pictures on my phone. If my phone disappears, chances are he has it and it taking pictures of the ceiling or his forehead.
  • Loves watching football.
  • Is very concerned about what his sister has. He wants the same as what she has, always.

They both
  • Know places we frequent and will point them out while we are driving. The car wash, bank, park, and grocery stores are most frequently noticed.
  • Love Target and know the bullseye. They pointed out a random Target that we drove by the other day. Brooke often times will clap when we pull into our usual Target parking lot.They know what's up!
  • Like to tell me they don't like coffee. They also say the same thing about beer. Forget the fact that they've never had either, and won't anytime soon.
  • Are still rear facing in their car seats. They don't seem to mind it, so we'll keep them rear facing as long as possible.

Time spent with you two is better than I could have ever imagined. You are both smart, funny, caring, and overall wonderful kids. Your dad and I love you beyond words. Happy two and a half, Brooke and Harrison!

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