Friday, December 12, 2014


It's Friday, and I'm sure by now you know that that means it's time for some random Fridayness. Or Friday randomness, either one.

One - I am officially done with the kids' Christmas shopping! I still have a few things that haven't been shipped yet, but with the purchase of a Mickey Police Motorcycle from Amazon yesterday, I am done. Harrison changes his mind every day when it comes to what he wants Santa to bring him. I am sure he'll be happy with the fire engine and motorcycle he's getting, even if he asks for a tractor on Christmas Eve. Brooke only asks for a Minnie Cart and books, so I know Santa is bringing her what she wants.

Two - Twin Talk Blog has been featuring gift ideas for twins all this week. Each day boy/boy, boy/girl, and girl/girl twin moms have put together gift lists that their kids would love to receive. We are being featured today with gift ideas for 3 year old boy/girl twins, or really any 3 year olds. I am officially done with H and B's shopping and a few of the items on the list will be under the tree from Santa, and a few we're hoping they get from Grandma and Grandpa. Definitely click over and check out the gift lists if you still have shopping to do. I have been impressed with what the other moms have put together so far.

Three - I found these boots on clearance as DSW last week. After striking out at Macy's because they didn't have any boots I liked in my size, I was stoked to come across these. I love the buckle detail, and I scored them for less than $50. Major win!!

Four - Today is my last day of work for a couple weeks, and I am so excited to have an open schedule with the kids. They don't mind going to the daycare, but it makes our days so predictable. I'm looking forward to an evening dinner or two with some of our friends, and of course lots of family time come Christmas week. Poor Brooke will have to miss out on the excitement of playing with red solo cups. ;) I doubt she'll mind.

Five - Today is the last day to enter our Jameson Monroe giveaway. Entering is super easy, and you have chance to win a $50 gift card. If you don't already own any Jameson Monroe Headbands, you need to. They are fabulous!

We have a crazy weekend ahead of us. Santa, two birthday parties, a work Christmas party, and potentially a Christmas play. Although the last part depends on if we're hungover from the work party. Cheers to the weekend!



  1. Lucky you on being finished with Christmas!! I have got to get on the ball. Visiting from the link up. I am a new follower and fellow infertility warrior!! So excited to read more of your blog!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Good luck with your shopping!

  2. Forgive me if I posted twice. It doesn't say it posted :) Anyway, congrats on being done Christmas shopping! I am visiting from the link up! I just have my dad left, he is the hardest!

  3. Love everything that's going on in your house this week! Those are some super cute boots. I found your blog on 5 on Friday :-)

  4. I love those boots! We are finally getting a DSW closer than an hour drive and I can't wait!


    1. I was so excited when DSW opened here! Yay for there being one close to you soon.

  5. Yay for being done with shopping! Love those boots! You've got two cute kiddos :)