Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

The only thing better than the weekend, is a 4 day weekend, even when you have to work part of the weekend. Last year I worked all 4 days of Thanksgiving weekend, so this year was a nice change.

Thursday morning the kids woke me up over an hour earlier than usual. We were a little grouchy from the early rise, so a trip outdoors was needed. It was cold and snowy, but we bundled up and walked to the playground. Fresh air was just what we needed, but only for like 30 minutes. I was freezing and decided we needed to head home, but they would have played all morning.

Lunch, early naps, and then it was off to the in laws. My mother in law made a fantastic dinner, and in true toddler fashion, the kids only took 2 bites. They did go to town on her Texas Sheet Cake. Once we were done stuffing our faces and enjoyed some family time, we drove around to check out some Christmas lights. The early wake time that threw off our whole day, meant early bed time for the kids, and for Rob and I too.

Friday morning Harrison, Brooke and I went out for a little shopping excursion. We have been finding Brooke sleeping on the floor almost every night, so we are making the move to twin beds. I don't know if it will help keep her in bed or not, but we're going to give it a try. We'd be getting bigger beds soon enough anyway. We picked out beds and mattresses to ask for from Santa. They of course wanted to loft bed with a slide, and all I could picture was multiple trips to the ER every time they took a flying leap from the top. Sensible, simple bed frames it is.

Friday evening we hosted girls night. The kids BFF came over and they played while we stuffed our faces and drank champagne cocktails. We had planned to watch Love Actually, but wound up viewing Pitch Perfect instead. Both movies are winners in my book, and now we have a reason for another girls night.

Saturday started with a trip to the daycare, followed by a donut and library date with my littles. They were disappointed we didn't get any new books, but little do they know, they get a new book each day starting tonight.

My pick up schedule for work was a little crazy Saturday evening, so we needed to stay close to work. After naps our evening went something like this: Daycare, mall play area, Panera, lighted tree show, Von Maur, daycare, home. We were lucky enough to have Robbie join us for a quick dinner before we headed home. While we were watching the tree show, Brooke decided Von Maur is way more fun. She's going to be tearing up the sale shoe room before I know it.

Sunday morning the kids and I went for an impromptu trip to my parents house while Robbie ran into work. She was getting out Christmas decorations, and the kids were eager to help. They looked at ornaments, read books, and pushed buttons on every Christmas toy they could find. The rest of our Sunday went the same way as usual. Naps, football, friends, The Walking Dead.

I feel like we did a lot, but the weekend felt very laid back, just how I like it. And now it's December. Once December is over, can we skip ahead to April? I love the holidays but am ready for spring, or even better yet summer. If you know how to make that happen, please get on it. Thanks!

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